Wireless Network Analyzers Software

The actual meaning of the term Network Analyzer is to investigate the provided data. Furthermore, it gives detailed information after analyzing the neighboring network. It also helps you find network iterations. It is a valuable software which enables you to get information about all the wireless network you are using. Also, you can examine other systems around you. ThisĀ Wireless Network Analyzers will help you improve the performance of your WiFi network.

Top 7 Wireless Network Analyzers

There are plenty of options available all over the internet but not all give the necessary output. Here are the top 7 Wireless Network Analyzers to choose in 2018/19.

InSSIDer Lite

It is one of the most productive Wi-Fi analyzers. InSSIDer Lite has an integrated tool called WiSpy which can detect every raw radio frequency happenings. Furthermore, it enables the user to check how busy a channel is. InSSIDer Lite also gives users suggestions about the best channel information. Furthermore, it provides an excellent detailed reading facility. Also, it collects all information on RF signals.


It is one of the prominent sources of LAN analyzer with abilities to access large files. Furthermore, it can provide users with customized reports as well. It enables users to browse data related topics on a computer network. Additionally, it supports Live Data Reading. Also, gives an interpretation for a broad range of systems.

Wifi Analyzer

It is another helpful application which helps a user select their choices in router settings. It represents the network channels visually and also suggests the best available channels to get optimum speed. After opening the app, you can see a graph. The height of the figure gives a detailed idea about the strength of the connection.


It is an open-sourced scanner for Wifi in Windows. It supports Google Earth and also supports GPS. The primary objective of this application is that a person in a moving vehicle can search for networks through their smartphones and laptop.

Acrylic Wifi

Acrylic Wifi

It is also a Wi-Fi scanner for Windows. Users can also search for Wifi networks through this software. It scans the nearby networks and suggests you with the best available Wi-Fi network. This app has an advanced feature which displays available Wi-Fi clients and also the access points. It also supports a monitor mode that helps in extracting information about Wi-Fi devices.


It is an expert level app with an objective to meet the requirements of a big office space or a residential area. This app can administer an accurate survey of a particular area of identifying the regions getting the weakest connection. Available as both a freeware and paid versions it is suitable for both Windows and iOS.

The free version enables scanning the surrounding network and determines its strength. On the other hand, the paid version facilitates uploading the blueprint of your home, and then it matches the connections which you have already defined.

Wi-Fi Commander

The Wifi commander is the same as the Wifi Analyzer. But they are somewhat different from each other. There is a difference in their working platforms. Wifi commander works for Windows whereas Wifi analyzer works for Android.

The Wifi Commander app scans all the networks available in close vicinity. It can also detect the signal strengths of all available systems and control their speeds. Also, it provides with the necessary information regarding most crowded channels.


Among all these apps the InSSIDer Lite app functions the best. It offers many functionalities and has various types of personalization on Network Bands. It is easy as well as professional at the same time. On the other hand, Wireshark is in high demand from the security professionals.

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