Why You Should Invest In a Temperature Screening Kiosk Today

We live in uncertain times, where health is something everyone should prioritize. Understanding your health condition and that of those you interact with is considered extremely crucial now. Temperature screening kiosk is smart and innovative, which ensures a safe and secure environment for your customers or employees.

More businesses and workplaces have begun investing in this machine and consider it a key asset for their business. If your business is suffering and you’re wondering how to overcome it, get a temperature kiosk that can help you and your customers to feel safe.

A temperature screening kiosk is a machine that uses facial recognition technology and infrared to scan an individual’s body temperature. The purpose of this is to solely help screen individuals and isolate those with a fever, making your space secure for those who aren’t ill. This also ensures a minimal spread of the infection, and many of them have hand sanitizer dispensers.

Benefits of getting a temperature screening kiosk

Getting a temperature kiosk is a great and considerate way to ensure that your customers can return to your services with guaranteed safety. There are many benefits of investing in a kiosk for both you and your customers.

  1. Contactless screening: Contactless screening is offered by a kiosk, which allows an individual to be screened without them having to come into contact with anything that could carry the virus. The alternative is to have a person standing 6 feet away and recording every individual’s temperature, which can increase the chance of coming in contact with the virus. Temperature kiosks are much more practical and are entirely contactless, and are extremely accurate as well!
  2. Restricting Access: Kiosks can be integrated with software that allows certain spaces to limit access to different parts of the building. When an employee or visitor is flagged for having an abnormal reading, you can restrict their access to the building via the kiosk. This can be done with a badge scanning feature incorporated with the kiosk. People whose temperatures are normal will get a badge, while those with a fever do not. From there on out, only people who aren’t sick can enter the building.
  3. Healthier environment: Temperature kiosks guarantee a much safer environment for people to come and go. Employees or visitors who are hesitant to come to your space can be assured that they are in a place where everyone is checked. Especially during cold seasons, these can come in handy.
  4. Efficiency: Temperature kiosks are incredibly accurate, automated, and provide consistent results. Compared to other methods, this way, you can have the results in a matter of seconds. So visitors won’t have to worry about being too close with one another or having to touch the surface that others have.
  5. Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Temperature kiosks are multi-faceted as they come with a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser as well. This allows your visitors to keep their hands clean without having to touch any surface. A motion sensor triggers a healthy amount of sanitizer when you place your hand under the nozzle. Your visitors will have peace of mind.
  6. Temperature reporting: A great benefit of temperature kiosks are the alerts and reports that they give. When an abnormal reading is recorded, you can have your kiosk programmed to send an alert to the appropriate staff to assist the person. Especially at hospitals, this can be extremely useful as it allows people to enter without endangering the other patients.
  7. Facial recognition: Kiosks can be integrated with facial recognition software that can identify employees even when their masks are on. This can also be used to confirm if the individual walking through is wearing a mask, securing the safety of those around the individual. If an employee who has abnormal reading walks in before the required isolation period, it can be used to send an alert to the relevant staff.
  8. Labor costs: You can save an immense amount of money on assigning workers to take temperature readings and dispense sanitizer. You can also ensure that these workers aren’t put at risk by upgrading to a kiosk. There is also training for this, and the entire process is taken care of by the kiosk automatically.

There are so many benefits of investing in a temperature screening kiosk. Ensuring the safety of your workers, visitors, and their families should be your number one concern at a time like this. By taking every measure to keep your precautionary process safe, should be your priority. Temperature kiosks can ensure the safety and satisfaction of your visitors and employees, making your brand a trusted one.