Which is the Best Cable Provider in Hawaii?

Everyone, from different towns and countries, throughout the world, wants to spend a few days in tropical areas. But, what about the ones who are already residing there, such as Hawaii. They too might dream of visiting widely divergent places though.

But, luckily, they get the best of both in Hawaii. An excellent view, weather, and a nice collection of Internet Service Providers operating through the city. Isn’t it an amazing deal and worthy products, too.

Based on non-biased customer analysis, DIRECTV is at present the most prominent TV service provider amongst the fellow citizens of Honolulu. This shouldn’t be too unanticipated as they possess a #1 mark when it comes to installation services, customer support satisfaction, and channel lineups. 


However, Dish lands next to it and also provide competitive packages on TV tech such as the Hopper® Whole-Home (HD DVR). It also offers other benefits such as valuable promotions that include HD FREE for Life®.

Need Prompt Service?

If someone is in search of an ISP that comes with both high-speed internet and TV, then you would certainly want to look into Spectrum Cable Hawaii. Their internet connectivity goes up to 60 Mbps in the majority of neighborhoods throughout Honolulu. And, you can avail access to more than 10,000 plus On Demand options, free-of-cost DVR service, and 400,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots as options.

From Kapiolani to Downtown and all through the Diamond Head, in case you are looking for information on the top internet and TV providers in Honolulu and/or somewhere else across the state – do check a website called: LocalCableDeals and thank us later! 


Amongst the best Internet service providers, Spectrum Cable Internet leads the ranks and is accessible in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is, however, significant to consider the speed of the internet while seeking the finest Internet service provider in Hawaii. 

You would want to select a local Hawaii provider that might match or surpass the average internet speed of state i.e. 19 Mbps. Certainly, each Internet service providers’ speeds often differ based on region. General Internet rating could go a long way If you consider selecting a fast and dependable service provider.

What are the top cable and TV providers available in Honolulu, HI?

  • DISH — It renders about 290+ Channels
  • DIRECTV — It brings along 330+ Channels
  • Spectrum — It grants you access to 200+ Channels

Who are the top internet service providers in Hawaii?

  • Spectrum — up to 100 Mbps 
  • Viasat — up to 25 Mbps speeds

List of Cable TV Providers in Hawaii (Honolulu)

Provider Type of Service  # of Channels  Rating by Customer

(out of 5)

Features Starting Price *
DISH Satellite 290+ 3.8 Get the guarantee of a 24 months price. $59.99 per month
Spectrum Cable 200+ 3.4 Get FREE HD. $44.99 per month
DIRECTV Satellite 330+ 3.7 View Games that are out-of-market via. NFL SUNDAY TICKET. $35.00 per month

*Prices are subject to alter. Not all deals are available in all locations.


A Complete Summary of Internet Providers in Honolulu, HI

Provider Type of Service  Maximum Download Speed (up to) Rating by Customer

(out of 5)

Features Starting Price *
Spectrum Cable 100 Mbps 3.4 Gain HQ performance modem. $44.99 per month
Viasat Satellite 25 Mbps 3.9 Domestic satellite and fast internet connection in the U.S. $50.00 per month.

*Prices are subject to alter. Not all deals are available in all locations.


In Conclusion… 

Hawaii is the 6th most connected state in the US with 100% accessibility of the internet to its residents. Spectrum is leading the market with deals consisting of TV and/or phone services along with the internet connection, on discounted prices and free installation. 

Basically, Spectrum is widely known for its amazing services and not locking its customers in an agreement followed by termination in case of change of mind or location. 

Also, the buyout option where Spectrum pays up to $500, provided the services are available and the customer is willing to buy a triple pay deal from Spectrum afterward. Furthermore, Hawaii is also known to be the happiest state in the US and now you know a few reasons why. And, these are pretty much justified, alongside the explicit surroundings/locality that it naturally possesses. 

You can check the latest prices and updates about the serviceable providers on the LocalCableDeals website. Or, by getting in touch with them ready to assist the customer support team – They will be glad to guide you about the recent alterations and all the available amazing offers.