Know What to Do If You Have Been Scammed Online

A lot of scammers are out there who continuously try their best to hit you from every possible avenue. There are numerous ways that range from email phishing to fake websites by which they can be serious threats to you. They are much like the master pickpockets who use different kinds of tactics. To distract and confuse you, they always use your fear, false urgency and most of all, your curiosity. These are the fundamental tactics they always follow to take your personal information. With the help of these basic aspects, they might even steal all the money that you have in your bank account.

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It’s true that tracking the scammers down is a difficult task to perform. But it’s possible by using different ways. Scammers always try to cover their tracks in the best possible way. They use multiple fake and stolen identities to get on with it. Anonymizing internet services is not a hard task for them. With such spoofed email address and disposable phone numbers, they get success most of the time with the scam. However, in this article, you are going to be familiar with the different processes of what to do if you have been scammed online.

Tips and Tricks to Help you Recover from the Online Scam

Most of the time victims of different scams don’t report about it anywhere. They are conned because they feel embarrassed to speak of it in front of people. The most important fact here is not to feel embarrassed when you have fallen for a scam. It can happen to anyone as there is no certainty of it. To make the scams as effective as possible, scammers are constantly refining their strategies. They exactly know what will work and what won’t, for entrapping you in the scam. So, without delaying too much let’s know about the tips and tricks to prevent yourself from getting into these traps.

Call the Credit Card Company or the Bank

There are numerous ways that the scammers use to become your friend. Once they are done with becoming friends with you, now they will ask for your personal information. You should not share your credit card or the bank information with a strange person. If you have done so, then you must contact the bank or the credit card company to prevent its further use. Your financial institution will then put a hold on your account to prevent any further changes in it. Always call them on the number that you usually get from your financial institution. You should never contact using an unknown email or a phone number. They might be a part of the phishing scam for which you are going to complain about them.

File a Police Report

After you have fallen under a trap of scam, you should at first, call the police. Though it may seem silly yet it’s an effective step to take. Facing a scam is like you are robbed. Hence when you are robbed, you usually file a complaint to the police. It’s never less of a crime to steal your money by using the internet Security as a medium. Whenever there are some criminal activities, you need to contact the police immediately. There are many steps that you need to take after you face an online scam. If your money was stolen from your account, then it’s a serious crime and you need to treat it in that way.

If you are going to the bank or the credit card company to stop the upcoming activities in your account, then they will likely ask you for the police report. Major credit card agencies also want the police report for further procedure. You don’t need to call the emergency number in this type of issue. There might be a physical danger to you as the scammers might threaten you. When you are going to file a report for internet scam or fraud, you can contact your local police. There might be a division of handling the internet frauds and computer-related crimes in the police department. Sometimes, this division also refers as the internet crime complaint center for the online scams that you might have faced.

File a Fraud Victim Statement with the Credit Bureaus

There are some credit bureaus who are there to add a note to your credit file that you have been victimized in an online scam. Whenever someone will try to use your credit card, they will know where it’s being used. At the time of filing the fraud report, you must provide one or two numbers to contact you. Once they find the unusual activity on your account, they will immediately inform you.

This never means that the thief will not take the credit from the lender. But it will throw a big red flag to the organization where the thief is using it. After that, the owner might contact you and ask you whether you have authorized the credit inquiry. As the owner gets to know that the user who is trying to use the account is an imposter and he or she might get arrested.

Consider a Security Freeze of your Credit Report

Among thousands of scams that appear to people, identity theft is the most crucial one. So, if you have been one of those people, then there is no doubt that your personal information has been leaked. Collecting the information is all that they need while they are stepping in with their scams. They can avail anything from your bank or the credit card company taking your name on those transactions. You may also want to start monitoring the current credit score with the help of the credit business bureau. Whenever you need you can request them for the credit report of yours to know about the score. You can even ask them to place a security freeze on your credit reports to prevent any further unusual activities.

In order to halt the identity thieves, the security freeze is a lot more helpful than other methods. It will stop them from opening accounts using your ID and asking for any other services from them. If the credit card agency or the bank knows about the ID theft, they will ask the requester about the PIN of your card. Thus, you need to make sure that you never share your PIN or the password with anyone. The lender won’t provide the imposter with any kind of services for which he or she went there.

Update your Anti-Malware Software

Majority of the time, the scammers use your email address to get the information they need. Once you open the email they send you, they might gain the access of your computer. These internet criminals send you the embedded links to infect your computer with some malware programs. The main objective of the malware program is to obtain the account information from your computer. It might be relaying back to the scammers with your information that they try to extract. Therefore, to prevent the scammers from gaining access to your computer, you need to keep the anti-malware program updated. You also need to scan the computer for checking whether there is any kind of malware programs now.

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So, these are the tips and the tricks that can help you recover from a different type of scams. There are several ways by which you can prevent the scammers from accessing your personal details. No matter whether you have lost your credit card or debit card, it also counts to be a scam. There are several federal trade commission and government agencies to track the scammers down. With proper law enforcement, they can easily catch them with these activities. You can always take these steps under consideration when you are looking for the steps of what to do if you have been scammed online.