What Is VPN?

Nowadays, many people work on the Internet and it has become one of the most important things in our daily personal and professional life. At times, when you are working on the Internet, it is not safe. Sometimes, many people wish to work privately or they need an added layer of security. Thus, VPNs come into play. A VPN means VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK, which allows a user to work on the Internet privately and safely.

With the help of this VPN, you can extend your private network across the public network. So that, whenever you receive or send anything, it will be shared across the public networks. That’s why an application which is running under any VPN technology will be more secure and safe. Moreover, the functionality will be better. Besides, with the help of this VPN technology, you can also work on the cross-server connection. It will allow you to open many applications and websites which are banned in your country or locality.

The working of the VPN technology is a little tricky compared to the other technologies. If you are a technical person, then you can easily work on the VPN. But in any case, if you don’t have any knowledge on this domain, then you may face some difficulties while using VPN, like whn the firewall is on and it conflicts with your VPN. Here, we are going to discuss how a VPN technology works on the computer or laptops.

How Does A VPN Work?

When you are using your Internet through ethernet cables or through the Wifi and surfing, it is normally a standard and secure platform. But there are some flaws, which may affect you in various ways. Whenever you are sending or receiving any data, all those data are open on the Internet. So, if there are any third parties who are interested in your data, then they can easily peek those data from the Internet.

We all know that the Internet is known as the collection of all servers. These servers are nothing but a store of all websites available on the Internet. All the servers are linked up internally.

So, it is good to work on the Internet, but if you are doing any work on internet banking or any important business emails, then taking Internet security is important. For these reasons, VPN was discovered to secure your Internet connection and do all the works privately.

When you are using the Internet under any VPN service, then all of your data is encrypted due to this VPN application. Whatever you send or receive any data with the help of this VPN service, all those data are transferred in an encrypted form. This VPN service is basically a third party application that is working as the linking bridge between you and the Internet servers. The internet service provider or the receiver of your data can easily identify that you are using a VPN service. But the IP address of your computer or laptop will be different. So, due to the Internet Protocol address being different, no one can easily identify that from where you are working or sending anything.


  1. The receiver or the destination host of the server cannot identify your IP address.
  2. Nobody on the internet or any third party can detect what you are doing on the internet.
  3. As all of your data is transferring in the encrypted form, third parties cannot peek those data from the internet. That’s why when you are accessing your internet banking account or working on an important thing, using this VPN service is the most secure thing.


Are VPNs Safe To Use?

Generally, VPN services are safe to use to some extent. But that really depends on which particular VPN provider you are using. Which mean sometimes, it is really doubtful that, something that comes with no price can be safe and without any vulnerabilities.

Think of it like this, why would anyone(in this matter, a complete stranger) be so kind as to give you something without asking anything in return from you? It might be skeptical about almost anything surrounding your life, but you are completely aware that those people actually do exist. It’s just a hard thing to swallow that they decided to pay their contribution to humankind in a form of a free VPN service.

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On the other hand, there is a certain extent to which paid VPN providers can be absolutely safe, which means it’s their job to secure your data and privacy and the data that you are sharing. You pay them money and you expect something in return.

Can You Be Tracked If You Use A VPN?

When you are surfing on the Internet, the traffic created by you is totally open to all the servers. Which means that anybody or any third party can easily find your identity or the data you are surfing. Moreover, using the IP address, they can also track you. This tracking IP address is the most important thing to identify any hacker or any criminals.

But with the help of the VPN service, you can easily change the particular IP address to any other. But it does not make you totally anonymous. If you are using the VPN service, the VPN provider encrypts your information from the other third parties on the internet. The owner of the website can see that you are using a VPN server. But, the VPN service provider knows all the information about you. Such as your original IP address, what you are doing on the Internet etc. So, if they want to sell all of your details, then you can’t do anything.

If you are using any free unauthorized VPN service, then it can harm you in many ways. So, always go for any paid and authorized VPN service provider.


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