What is Google Duo App ? How it works ?

In today’s world internet has reached every corner of the world and almost everyone has a 4G Smartphone. Today every person has mobile internet, the rest do not do anything or do Youtube, Facebook and Whatsapp run. Nowadays, 4G Smartphone and 4G are the only internet, so video calling is a lot of fun.

In today’s time you will get many apps for free Video Calling, such as Imo, Whatsapp and Facebppk Messenger. Google thought everyone has a video calling application, then why not us? Because of this, Google has also launched Google Duo App for Video Calling.

To use the Google Duo App in old mobile it has to be downloaded. But now Google Duo App gets pre-installed on the new mobile, meaning it does not have to be downloaded. It is very easy to use.

What is Google Duo ?

Google Duo is a Video Chat Mobile App, we can use it for Video Calling. Google released it on August 16, 2016. Available for both Android and iOS. Its interface is slightly unique and everyone nowadays has 4G internet so you will not get any help in video calling. It has an unique feature called Knock Knock. This feature will not be able to see you in any Video Calling apps other than Google Duo.

No more will be seen except for the rest of the video calling, because the Google Duo App is made just for Video Calling. So let us know how to download Google Duo App.

Google Duo App Features

In Google Duo, you get many features, which I have mentioned down one by one. So let’s know what features you get in Google Duo.

  • Google Duo App is specially designed for Video Calling Purpose, so Video Calling is its main feature.
  • Along with Video Calling, you get the feature of Audio Calling. It can do audio call as per your requirement.
  • With this you can search any contact. The biggest feature of this is that you can Learn to code of call and invite those numbers which are not saved in your mobile.
  • Sometimes the person in front is busy and can not take your call, in such a situation you can send audio / video messages. Its maximum limit is 30sec. Whenever the person who opens the Google Duo app can see your audio / video message.
  • You can block unwanted Contact Number in Google Duo. This feature is available in nearly all apps.
  • By enabling Limit Mobile Data Usage, you can save data. It is also quite a tremendous feature.
  • Knock Knock Feature is the most awesome in Google Duo. The advantage of this is that whenever you call someone, the recipient will be able to see your video before lifting the call. This means that even if you do not raise the call, the recipient can see what you are doing and where it is. Knock Knock is a great feature for the person receiving the call. If you want the recipient to not see you before lifting the call, then you disable the Knock Knock feature.

Note :

You do not need Whatsapp or Imo to make a call from Google Duo, but you need to install Google Duo app, if your mobile is new, Google Duo will already be installed in it. Many people ask whether the person in front will see my number? If your recipient will be saved in the recipient’s mobile then the name will appear, otherwise your number will be visible. You can not be anonymous on Google Duo Some people do not hear voices when they call, this means that the Internet connection of your recipient or recipient is a little weak.


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