Web Hosting Services: Types & Related Problems

One of the best ways to excel in your business is by having a robust website for it. Through a website, you can bring more people to your business. So, it has become the most essential part to have a website for the business you are running.

There are a lot of web services available that will help you to make a website for your business. But before going to these Best web hosting service providers, there are a few facts that you should know first. If you are unaware of these aspects, then you may face some problems in the later phases. In this article, we are going to discuss the various queries that you might have regarding the web hosting services.

Popular Types Of Web Hosting Services

In the process of making a website available to all the users on the internet, you need the help of Best web hosting services. However, this process entirely depends on the level of your expertise in hosting a website on the internet. Sometimes, it’s simple and at other times, it’s quite daunting for you. Hence, let’s explore the different types of web hosting services that are available in the market.

Shared Hosting

If you are in an entry-level website hosting service, then the Shared hosting is the best option you have. In shared web hosting, all the domains use the same resources of the server.

And the expenditure is comparatively low as compared to the other hosting services. If you are running a small business or a community, then this Shared hosting is the perfect one for you. You can avail other services like website builders, wordpress how to hosting, email hosting etc. with the Shared website hosting services.

VPS Hosting

The main job of the Virtual Private Server or vps hosting is to mimic a server that stays in the environment of the Shared Hosting. If you want to invest in a dedicated web server, then this one is going to help you a lot. But the problem of handling a lot of traffic is still there with the VPS.

This happens because all the sites are hosted on each dedicated server but they only use one single physical server. You can use this web hosting if you don’t have any technical knowledge regarding web hosting services.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With this hosting, you gain full control over the server where you have stored your website. In the Dedicated Server Hosting, there is only one website on the server which belongs to you. You can have the full access from admin to root with this hosting services.

Thus, with the help of this Dedicated Server Hosting, you can handle high levels of traffic. 
Dedicated Server
So, for a better performing server, this hosting service comes with all you need.

Cloud Computing

The current buzzword in the web hosting industry is the Cloud Hosting services. With hosting, it’s easily understandable that multiple computers are working together to run diverse applications.

It uses different combined computing resources for a better hosting service. Using a network connection like the internet, this best web hosting service works hard to provide you with a better performance. This cloud-based hosting is scalable that makes the site grow over time and you can have high traffic.

Managed Hosting

This web hosting service offers different hardware and software setup processes like maintenance, updating, and monitoring to keep the hosting updated.

One of the popular sub-categories of the Managed Hosting services is the WordPress. If you are using WordPress for your business site, then there are many companies that can offer you Managed web hosting services. With the Managed Hosting, you get the full flexibility to manage your site in an easy way.


Renting space from the co-location centers, you get the full convenience to host your site. You don’t have to keep your servers in any private data center as it allows you to co-locate your equipment. You can have everything that you need in a web server like the bandwidth, IP address, cooling systems, and others with the col-location centers. In order to get a high bandwidth, you can use this colocation service.

These are the best web hosting services available in the market to host your site online. You can choose any of them based on your needs.

Common Server/Hosting Problems That Can Affect Your Website

There are several problems that you might encounter using different servers. However, you can follow some easy steps that will prevent the common server or hosting issues. Using some Managed hosts, you can prevent such problems from happening. These Managed hosts can bring the site back on its track.

Whatsoever, let’s take a look at the different hosting problems that are likely to hamper your website’s performance.

The Page Is Loading Slowly

Among the many problems, slow page loading comes tops the list. If the page loading time exceeds three seconds, then most of the users tend to abandon the page. It’s a serious problem that directly affects your business. In order to provide the consumers with the best-ever experience, you must have a website that loads faster.

Cyber Attacks And Viruses

You should always take care of the security of the website to prevent cyber attacks. There are different online sources out there which can be a serious threat to your business website. So, it has become important that your website is secure. Having a proper security system can prevent such cyber attacks. Some online services carry viruses which can also cause problems to your site. That’s where you need the protection system to get rid of all the viruses from the website that you are using for your business.

High Traffic Problems

You always want more and more people to visit your site where they are able to see your products and services easily. The primary goal is always to generate leads to your website that will generate more profit. So, if the traffic increases on your business website, then that’s good because you might get some revenue out of it. But sometimes, it causes problems to all the users. When a lot of users are trying to access your site at the same time, you may face the traffic problem. As a result, the page will take too much time to load and the user may abandon the page. In order to prevent such issues, you should have a strong server that can handle a large amount of traffic conveniently.

Hardware And Software Failure

If there is a hardware failure in the system, then you might face several problems. You might encounter data loss if there is a hardware failure in the database of the site. Sometimes, there are critical software failures that might cause different problems for the website. In such cases, you should have all the backup processes available to recover the lost data. Because no one wants to lose his or her data due to some hardware or software failures.

Site Outages And Downtime

This is one of the most prominent issues that might directly affect your website. There are several reasons that can cause this particular issue with your server. If there is any kind of physical problem with the server, then the server may lose all its data. Sometimes, a cyber attack also can cause the server to shut down completely which may later cause data loss for your entire system. Therefore, you must choose a web host that offers you a better service to prevent such issues from appearing.

That’s all you need to know about the various aspects of the web hosting services. The queries that you might have for different web hosting services are thoroughly discussed in the above section. Hope this write-up was helpful to you.

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