Using Software To Protect Your Privacy Online

When it comes to online privacy these days, we can never be sure who is snooping around. I mean we are basically relying on an internet connection run by a company that provides us with a router or 4G connection, then we use this connection to surf the net, but also we send out a fair amount of private information about ourselves. For example, we are happy to give a travel booking website our credit card details in which we trust this very personal information is not being shared or seen by others that could use it to defraud us.

In truth, there is no amount of software that will ever guarantee your internet connection is safe. That being said, there are ways in which we can at least make things more difficult for those that have tasked themselves or been tasked with capturing people’s private information using the internet.

VPN software is one way to stop fraudsters getting into your smartphone or mobile device. If you are someone that connects to publicly provided internet from a local shop you use or at a train station for example, then you should use a VPN. It protects your connection by securing all data sent.

Here Is A Backstory As To Why You Should Protect Your Information Online

There have been cases whereby hackers have been clever enough to capture people’s credit card details, Amazon, eBay account info and email logins. They figure out when this person will not be at home, then use their accounts to make purchases. These purchases are sent to their address using special delivery. Now, either someone at the post office is tasked to intercept this package, or someone waits at the home to pick up the package by pretending they live there.

It is incredible how often this happens – especially when people are on holiday. The smartest, but also very annoying for the victims, is that these people have gained access to the victim’s email. When the confirmation of order comes through, they have already made sure this will go into the spam email box. They then delete all tracking information and communications from the company they made the order from so if someone has email on their phone, it will not pop up, and they will not see they have just ordered $500 worth of equipment.

Obviously, these thieves sell these items on the black market and make their money. Sometimes they get away with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of fraud in a month if the gang is well organized.

How Do These People Get Your Private Information?

You would need some pretty good knowledge of IT to be able to do this. These people are clued up on their technology and the software they need to hack into your device. Now generally we make it easier for them because we are happy to connect to anything that provides us a connection to the internet without any afterthought.

Well, hopefully, the above backstory gives you that afterthought. Connecting to the internet from a router you have no clue who is actually in control of means you are basically taking a huge risk. Anyone could have access to that router, and if it is someone that knows how to capture your data packets flowing through that connection, then you will be targeted.

There are gangs of these criminals monitoring community internet connections in cafes and shopping centers every day. They are looking for that one person that connects to their bank, eBay, or has weak security on their device that provides a backdoor into all their saved passwords. These groups are sophisticated and intelligent – they should not be underestimated because what they do makes them thousands and some cases millions of dollars every year.

Use Software to Protect Your Online Privacy

Make sure that you have reputable anti-virus and spyware software installed on your device. Then, also go out there and find VPN software that will protect your connections when using the internet on a connection you do not trust.

If you have an Android device, then try VPN Android software. In most cases though, a decent VPN software provider’s software will have a download file for all operating systems. You can use the same account to log on to the device’s VPN software depending on which device you are using at the time.

Never store your passwords in a file that can be opened with a password, and whatever you do, do not call that file passwords.doc.

You could go as far as using a software program that stores your passwords using encrypted protection. It does sound risky I know, but these companies are specialists in creating security around your account – and I am talking about financial grade security. This way you do not have to store your passwords using your browser, which can be extremely risky because if someone gets access to your device, and its password, then all your passwords will be revealed.

Please take our advice here and use every piece of software that you can to protect your online internet connections when you surf the World Wide Web. Without it, you are just another sitting duck waiting to become another statistic adding yourself to list of those that have been defrauded online.


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