Unprecedented times: a stock market with all-time-highs could keep you up at times

In the current trading environment, nothing is impossible. Not long ago, the S&P 500 reached an all-time high for seven consecutive days. The FED is working hard to print more money – meaning that the supply to the stock market will not stop for now. For traders, this can be a nerve-wracking time. There are big gains to make, but also potential losses when a market crash enters the stage. If you are interested in trading, take these recommendations with you moving forward.

Be careful with loss aversion

This is a common mistake encountered by many traders. Most people are not comfortable with losses and their fear for losses is often larger than the encouragement of gains. The result? People tend to make safer decisions and sell stocks that provide them with gains instead of losses. They hold on to the stocks that have losses, as they believe they will make a comeback.

Common mistake: current prices are too high

The same sentiment can be observed when looking at the current stock market. People are afraid of investing in stocks at an all-time high, as they are afraid they will lose when the market crashes. Therefore, it is recommended to spread your investments over some time. If you have a handful of stocks and ETFs you trust for the long-term, use a dollar-cost-averaging strategy to purchase them.

Stay up-to-date on market changes

With a turbulent market, you need to be on-point with your trades. Having a stock tracker can help you do just that. By selecting your favorite stocks, you can select push notifications that matter to you. For example, when important news is published about the company or when it reaches a certain gain/loss threshold. Hereby you are continuously informed without being too involved throughout the day.

Combining stocks and crypto into one tracker

Delta is a tracker that you can leverage as both crypto and a stock tracker. They are home to over 7000 altcoins and list all major stock exchanges and supply data in real-time. You can directly integrate with your exchanges and wallets to have all the data in one place. The tracker makes use of APIs to communicate with the exchanges, ensuring a safe connection. The same holds for wallets, where they only have access to your public key to view your holdings.

Meditation can help

This might be a peculiar addition to the list. Meditation can help you find peace of mind and allows you to destress from your daily life. Lots of professionals and executives are making use of meditation to train their minds. On the other spectrum, it is also recommended to people who are having financial stress and problems. If you are trading and want to keep your head cool, daily meditation can help you get through the day with less stress.