Top Tools for Creating Game-Changing Content for Your Website and Social Media Accounts


While digital marketers use a variety of platforms to reach their target audiences depending on their demographics and other parameters, it is content that connects them and ensures a healthy engagement for effective brand awareness and conversions. According to, 90% of contemporary businesses employ content marketing in some way or the other. While content creators and managers need to be very clear about the objectives that the content is supposed to serve, they also need the right creative skills and critical thinking. They also need to be able to master several essentials tools of the trade spanning different aspects of content development such as research, editing, and analytics. A look at some of the most productive tools content creators for digital marketing can use to generate killer content:


Before starting to create content on a particular subject, writers must research both the subject as well as know what already exists across popular social media platforms so that they do not end up duplicating stuff. By using BuzzSumo, content writers can simplify the research process by using keywords to access popular posts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. The tool constantly scans both the web and social media and currently has indexed more than five billion articles so that you can very easily get to know ideas that are likely to be of interest to your target audience. Not only does BuzzSumo allow you to filter the content by type but also search by using domain names so that you can specifically find out the top content of your main competitors.


While Ubersuggest was designed to be a keyword research tool, it can very easily help content creators to discover ideas for creating compelling content that can grab the attention of the readers. The tool works by using suggestions thrown up by Google Suggest as well as Ads Keyword Planner to expand them so that content creators can find inspiration for relevant and useful subjects on write on. According to experts, some of the results of Ubersuggest are so good that they can be directly used as titles for the content pieces; typically, these tend to be keyword phrases or what is known in the SEO world as long-tailed keywords.


Converting anonymous visitors into sales leads is usually a very tough task even though marketers need to do it all the time. LeadFWD promises to make the process easier by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even though the name of the tool may not suggest any suitability for content generation, in real-life, by using the tool, you can track not only the duration visitors spend on your website but also what they did during that time. Based on the report, you can modify the contents of pages that are under-performing. The AI-engine scans the entire website in real-time and delivers a large number of insights that you can use to tweak the content so that the site performs better and increases the stickiness of visitors.

Google Docs

Quite often content marketers need to work in teams with multiple people collaborating. Google Docs is a very popular cloud-based application for editing documents that allows multiple users to work seamlessly even if they are spread across different locations. Even though the simple interface will take most people using it for the first time by surprise, they will soon discover that it has all the features they need for word processing, including font customization, bulleted lists, insertion of table, and images, etc. A ‘Share” button makes it very convenient for users to share the file with others in the team; however, you can specify the level of access permitted to those who share the document. If you do not want everyone to be able to edit the document, you can allow some members to just leave their comments by highlighting the portions of the content.


Awario is a very handy tool for monitoring conversations on social media. It can prove very useful not only to marketers but also content developers as they will be able to spot gaps in their content or even mistakes that are being pointed out and discussed on social media platforms. The tool claims to crawl over 13 billion web pages every single day quite apart from the APIs. The tool is useful for discovering important conversations that will give you insights on what subjects are trending with audiences across websites and social media so that you can develop content on these subjects. When you are monitoring social media, you will also get to know of a lot of valuable information as well as customer experiences and insights that you can use appropriately to create engaging content.


Content marketers need to know what content has been seen and read by visitors. When you find visitors spending more time on particular web pages, it is obvious that the content is useful and adding value to them while the opposite is true when visitors spend little time on certain pages. Based on the analytics of user behavior, content managers can take steps to improve the quality of the content to make it more useful, relevant, and entertaining to the target audience.


As an online community dedicated to answering questions of subjects of diverse interest, Quora can provide many insights to content creators on subjects that are perplexing to people. By applying thought, they can then write in detail on the issues that seem to be particularly troublesome for users. Alternatively, smart content managers can use the platform itself to provide detailed answers to questions while using the opportunity to promote their content. In the process, the content distribution becomes more effective and directed to actual users in search of solutions who can be more easily persuaded to convert.


Generating content and marketing it to the target audience can be tougher than one imagines due to the intense competition on websites and social media. Using these tools, content marketers can increase their efficiency and publish content that is more relevant, useful, and value-added to the audience. To know visit digital marketing agency Auckland