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Most of us have unique ideas to start a business. But we do not know which tools should be present in our list. Internet surfing and glancing at various articles suggest ideas but are they useful? All of us dream big and want to make a mark in the industry. In that case, some software programs aid the entrepreneurs to build a concrete business fold. Let us read the presentation software tools specially made for the entrepreneurs.

Gone are those days when clients only knew about Microsoft PowerPoint, excel sheets, and Apple Keynotes. Now software developers are putting in all their efforts for a flawless presentation. Keeping this thought in mind, we are listing suitable software for the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs’ Delight: Top  Presentation Software for you

presentation software

  1. Before beginning with any business, one needs to draw a budget. For the people who want useful software within budget, Google Slides is really a suggestion for them. It is a simple tool just like Powerpoint which allows many avenues to collaborate. You can share the email with ease. The properties are lesser than Microsoft PowerPoint, but the user can download and convert files into other formats.
  2. Canva is also coming much in demand because of its attractive templates. It is an online media manager which creates media ads and images. You can use presentation styles and filters to create a brand image for your company. We recommend you to go for a free trial before using it. Users often have to buy a premium version to enjoy Canvas services.
  3. Tech magnets rank Prezi as one of the best presentation software companies. Users can get a versatile presentation tool for a rental of  $7 a month. The premium version will cost you a bit more. But the features (especially zoom features) will help entrepreneurs to stand out in the crowd.

More Presentation Tools Making their Way Up

SalesHandy comes with a plethora of features. It is best suited for night owl entrepreneurs or competitors who want to master the art of presentation. The features include-

  1. The user will receive notifications when he views the deck.
  2. Deck viewers can track the location area.
  3. You can set a date of expiry while you share links.
  4. The user can estimate how much time an investor spend on the slider. In addition to that, you can watch viewer details.
  5. The user can predict the areas where prospective investors are showing a lack of interest.
  6. One can split the deck.
  • DocSend is equally suitable for startup companies. First, any user can see who is accessing his documents. This is typically used when you want to manage your sales. DocSend can check the sale catalog of the product, the recipients buying the product and their feedback. It allows the online viewer to download, fix online meeting and present work along with the implementation of screen-sharing technology.
  • Haiku Deck is gaining more frequency these days. The features include – more than 40M free images, an Apple app, the ability to implant YouTube videos, the facility of audio narration with an additional feature of recording video. You can resize and write texts briefly. Go for a free trial if you please.
  • One of the user-friendly alternatives to PowerPoint is the Slidebean. It is becoming famous for its box templates. It is true that few people complain about its excess focus on advanced design services. However, it will be wrong on the part of the user to judge it too quickly.

In the End

Gaining enough funds is the motto of all companies, be it small or significant. The entrepreneur may have a pool of ideas, but he or she needs slides to keep the business going. In today’s world, start-up companies have ideas to gather a lot of data, and they are aware of pitch desk.

But the company can nail the presentation only when they have the attention of their clients from start to finish. For that, they must find the right tools. The area of the display is broadening each day. Investors can come from any source. So, startups have to be ready for every situation with their modern tools.

Hope the article is useful for the entrepreneurs in the making. You can use other presentation software as well, keeping your resources and budget in mind. So, win over the world using your ideas.

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