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When it comes to eLearning, human voices are an indispensable tool. It makes online learners engaged and emotionally connected with the courses. Of course, there is a vast abundance of voice-over professionals. However, hiring a professional can drastically increase the overall costs. In this regard, text to speech software tools eliminates the requirement of expert assistance.

Text to speech software or TTS tools has been around since the 70s. To be precise, these are computer programs applicable to several software and hardware products. Moreover, this particular technology saw a significant evolution in the last few decades. Good for you, many of these tools come as freeware. For your benefit, here’s a list of the best free text to speech software that can save you loads of cash this year.

How does it help you?

Without a doubt, TTS software is a boon for internet users. It has a life-changing impact on several communities.

For example, text to speech systems is a great help to people with learning difficulties and dyslexia. Also, visually impaired people can benefit from this fascinating technology.

Apart from that, companies around the globe are using this incredible tool. For example, TTS tools help you out by reading aloud documents while you are dealing with other tasks. Additionally, the technology provides considerable help to those who are learning a new language. So, let’s move on to the much-awaited list of the best Text to Speech Software 2018.

Best Text to Speech Software with Natural Voices

With the perfect TTS tools, you can connect with your audiences better. You have several options this year at your disposal.

text to speech software

Amazon Polly

Nowadays, Alexa is a household name. However, it is not the only AI created by Amazon. You can choose another companion in the form of Amazon Polly.

Polly is a highly efficient and intelligent TTS software. In fact, it is the appropriate speech synthesis solution for developers. Moreover, it is budget-friendly and relatively easy to use. On top of that, it is capable of supporting multiple types of files. You can store the audio files in different formats like MP3 and PCM. Also, it helps a wide range of international languages like French, German and Italian.

Capti Voice

As opposed to Polly, Capti Voice is specially designed for the educational sector for software developer updates

Admittedly, reading can get monotonous and boring. Capti Voice allows you to listen to anything that you wish to read. It supports over 20 different languages and aims to improve the vocabulary of students.

This useful technology can narrate ebooks, blogs, and entire web pages as well.  Moreover, you can integrate this TTS tool with cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Voice Reader Home 15

Geared with 67 natural voices, Voice Reader Home 15 is famous across the globe. With this tool, you can easily convert emails, Word documents, and PDFs to audio streams.

Also, it can support around 45 different international languages like French, Spanish and Turkish. For working with this software, you need Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.


Arguably, Ivona is one of the best TTS tools available in the market. It supports well over 24 different languages. Breaking all gender stereotypes, it has both male and female voices for most of the languages.


Apart from being able to convert text into speech, Natural Reader can also change the speed of speech. Its free version is compatible with several formats like PDF and web pages. Moreover, it supports a wide array of languages like Japanese, Chinese and Swedish.

What’s fascinating about this software is its real-time spelling feedback feature. It is indeed a great benefit for people with learning difficulties.

Wait, there’s more for you!

Besides the TTS tools mentioned in this article, there are several more you can choose from. You can consider popular software like iSpeech, Voice Dream Reader, and TextSpeech Pro.

You cannot deny the fact that voice makes a difference in any learning process. Nothing gives better direction and motivation than a captivating human voice. Technology is on the mission to help you in all walks of life. Therefore, anything is possible in this fast-pacing era. With these fantastic TTS tools, you help yourself and your online customers. Similarly, educational institutions and business corporations also rely on these text to speech software.