Database Software System

You are currently witnessing a drastic evolution of technology and science. And so, the need to handle technological data is also a priority. This is especially true for big companies and business sectors.

With the advancements in technology, the amount of data also generated increases. We create around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. That’s a staggering number you are looking at.

What exactly is the source of these data?

Well, there are several answers to this question. From online transactions to social media posts and sensors, you name it. We need one efficient software to handle all our data.

To make this job easier, here’s a list of the leading 10 database software system of 2018 that you can use.

A brilliant database software system comprises schemes, tables, and reports. Also, it helps analyze complex datasets accurately.

The following systems are deserving leaders in this regard. Apart from maintaining your data records, you also get to modify and delete them.


Oracle is one of the most well-recognized systems in the global scene. Since its start in 1979, it provides an excellent data management algorithm. It recently launched 12c which allows you to manage datasets as cloud services. It is popular among business professionals and research organizations as well.

oracle database

Microsoft SQL Server

It is one of the best and most trusted data management systems used. There are several versions like Server 2008,2012 and 2014 which are still popular. Further, Server 2016 is known to be highly efficient. It provides quick database access and fast data retrieval.

Microsoft SQL Server supports links with other Microsoft platforms like Word and SharePoint. This indeed makes it a favorite among companies worldwide.


Interesting name, interesting game!

Does big chunk of unsorted data trouble you? End all your worries with Teradata. It can efficiently deal with VLDB or very large database.

Teradata started as a DBMS for Walmart some 25 years ago. It continues to be a frontrunner among several database management systems. Teradata version 15.10 is the perfect tool for your DBMS and handling.


This incredible software is nothing short of a masterpiece. It handles all kinds of unsorted data and manages the database too. Several corporations use IBM DB2 and maintain their databases. Finally, it is known for its cost-effective nature as well.


Indeed, IBM has a lot to offer when it comes to data handling. After DB2, IBM came up with the revolutionary Informix. Of course, it is a boon for the corporate world as well.

Informix is often described as an intelligent database. It integrates smoothly with SQL and delivers 100% data sorting and categorizing.



This particular software is effortless and also customizable. Moreover, you can optimize and enable it on your mobile phone.

With TeamDesk, you can easily create databases without much DBMS expertise. It altogether runs on the cloud using its secure servers. So, you don’t need to invest any extra capital on your hardware.

It is capable of running on several platforms like the iPhone, Mac, and Windows Phone. Hence, it is a top candidate available to resolve all your data-related issues.


It is indeed a fascinating software system that helps sampling and research companies. It is a cloud-based database management system and rarely prone to crashing and corruption.

Vision Express Holter Software with USB download cable and 1 H3+ recorder

You can arrange your datasets based on metrics such as names and emails. Also, you get to set up dashboards with graphs and tables. This helps you with real-time data modulation.


By large, this is the most powerful database software system for Mac users. With TablePlus, you can simultaneously manage several databases and enable multi-tab views.

Leading companies like Apple and Spotify also prefer using this brilliant system for governing their datasets efficiently.

Amazon’s SimpleDB

Looking for a smart way to control your company’s data? Amazon’s SimpleDB is indeed simple and straightforward. Using this data handling system, you can easily store several data items and sort them accordingly.


SAP’s Adaptive Service Enterprise is perfect for banking and financial sectors. You can enjoy high-performance and transaction-based applications swiftly and efficiently.

sap ase

Don’t let data slow you down!

Keeping up with modern trends and updates is a necessity. You simply cannot allow improper data handling to be a hurdle to your progress. Therefore, you need to turn to efficient DBMS and the best database software system for the finest data handling experience. Apart from tackling large datasets, you also get to enforce data security and enhance the decision-making processes.