Top 5 Social Media Video communities Sites [2019]

If we talk about the online experience of users in today’s world, there is surely a great part of social media agency video communities. Whenever we listen about video communities the first thing which comes in our mind is YouTube. YouTube is the most popular social media agency video sharing platform all around the world but there is surely a doubt whether it is the best aura there are some other better options which can be explored.

So here we are with the list of top 5 social media agency video sharing platforms where you can enhance your online experience.

1.) YouTube

YouTube show me the most popular and the most famous video sharing platform all around the world. Its user base in India has increased to a great extent after the launching of jio telecommunication services. YouTube is a subsidiary company of Google and thus has a large base of users. With the increase in its quality and features , YouTube has a large lot of publishers as well as viewers. so we can say for the users it is the best social media agency video sharing platform. It also acts as a medium for establishment of social media connection.

2.) Vimeo

Vimeo was the first social media agency which supported high definition videos. Vimeo also has allowed users to view the number of TV series online on its platform. The organization of this platform is very unique which makes it easily accessible for users of all strata. So we can surely it should be added in your bucket list other than YouTube if you are searching for a good alternative of social media agency video sharing platform.

3.) Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the most similar one to YouTube. This is the second best social media agency video sharing platform after YouTube. There is a large user base of Dailymotion and the reason behind this fact is many. This website is available in 20 different languages all over the world. Country wise it has more than 30 localized versions. it also provides you with the option of monetization.

4.) Vevo

Vevo is a bit specific and its nature. Vevo basically provides you with music videos. All the music enthusiastic of the world can visit vevo to fulfill their needs. In the music category it is the best social media agency video sharing platform. This however does not provide the option to establish social media connection between the users.

5.) Metacafe

The difference between YouTube and Metacafe is that YouTube has the videos of varying length but Metacafe specializes in the short video category. This includes highlights ,quick tips, quick reviews etc. It contains more than 15 categories of videos. The best part of Metacafe is that it is very easy to use. User interface is something which everyone looks to make it best social media agency video sharing platform. This often helps in enhancing online experience of users.


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