Loud and Proud: Top 5 Omega Watches That Will Make You Look More Fashionable

Omega Watches

If you want to look fashionable, the first thing you need to do is try outfits that will blend in with your looks and personality. You can also incorporate those outfits with accessories such as watches to give you the luxurious and classy look you want. Wearing designer watches will surely add beauty to the outfit you’re wearing.

Omega is one of the leading and well-known watchmakers in the watch industry, and a lot of people are buying from their collections because of the quality and designs they have. Omega is the perfect watch brand for people who want to look their best every time they go out. Here is a list of the top 5 Omega watches that will make you look more fashionable.

Omega Seamaster 300

Luxury watches can be worn with any clothing, and it’s one of the best accessories anyone can wear. The Omega Seamaster 300 comes in different designs, and all of them are perfect for any type of event, be it formal or not. This masterpiece has tons of exquisite features, and it’s also very comfortable on the wrist despite its looks.

The first version of Omega Seamaster comes with a stainless steel strap. The current version is equipped with a leather strap which makes it look much better than the first one. Like its predecessor, it still has the signature sign in the watch dial, and it has a Ceragold bezel in it. You’ll be able to see the mechanisms inside of it by looking at the sapphire casing in the back.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

If you love to explore and travel a lot, then the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is the timepiece for you. This is one of the must-have watches from the Seamaster collection of Omega, and it can be paired with any attire you have. You’ll know right away that this luxury watch has a water-resistant feature in it from the name itself.

The sapphire glass of this watch keeps it safe from scratches, and the strap is very durable and very light as well. This one’s watchband is interchangeable, meaning you can change its leather strap into a stainless steel band. Its mechanism consists of 2500 co-axial movements, and it has a 48-hour power reserve.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

The Omega Speedmaster Professional was known as the most popular timepiece in the collection of Omega because of the luxurious looks and excellent features it has. This moon watch has three subdials in it, and the hands have luminous materials in it. Like other Omega watches, it also has a power reserve that can last up to two days.

This chronograph watch comes in various designs and colors. This luxury timepiece’s durability is very impressive, and the back casing is made out of stainless steel. The water-resistant feature is also handy, especially for those people who love to dive and swim all the time.

Omega Constellation Globemaster

A lot of watch enthusiasts out there are aiming to acquire this one because of the sleek and elegant looks this timepiece has. The Omega Constellation was first released during the 1950s to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company. This luxury watch can be used as a conversational piece to give insights to other people who also love collecting watches.

The Omega Constellation Globemaster has a date window, and its round casing is only 39mm, which is not that big on the wrist. You’ll feel comfortable wearing this one because of the light but sturdy materials used to create it. The bezel of this watch is fluted, and the movement it has is a co-axial master chronometer which makes it unique and special.

Omega Marine

This one, in particular, is quite different from the other watches that are on this list because of the shape it has. Unlike the usual circular casing you usually see in Omega watches, this one has a rectangular case. It has a classy and rustic look that will surely make you look presentable and elegant

Another unique feature is its crown placement because it’s not on the watch’s side, which you usually see in watches. If you don’t like the position of the crown of this timepiece, you can look for a different version of it since the company has made tons of changes in the models that came after it. This is by far the best dress watch you can wear to any occasion.


There’s no doubt that Omega is considered the best watch brand in the watch industry today because of its reputation. Their watches can be pretty expensive. That’s why you should always check the prices first so that you’ll know if their watches are in the range of your budget.