To provide digital leadership

Whether you run a restaurant, a consultancy firm, or any other physical business, you need to have an active web presence to succeed in today’s overly competitive business environment. This is where digital marketing specialist skills are needed to enable you compete on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Sure, you probably need to seek services of marketing generalists to increase the visibility of your business on traditional media like the local dailies and television. However, for you to be able to dominate Google for your relevant keywords or get consistent leads from Facebook, you need to hire an expert SEO and social media manager respectively.

In this post, we explain three key reasons to retain (or bring on board) a team of digital marketing specialists to grow your brand online and acquire more customers in 2020.

To provide digital leadership

Digital marketing, like any other business department or process, needs someone who can be accountable and take charge when important marketing decisions need to be made. By setting up a team of specialists with clear roles and responsibilities, your business is sure to enjoy benefits that come with having leaders who provide direction and execute given visions.

To provide editorial control

When setting up a working digital marketing team, some of the most important roles are those of content specialists. These are the individuals tasked with the responsibility of creating content for the entire brand including social media posts and website content.

Having a specialist team helps to ensure that all content being published to grow your brand maintains the same tone of voice and that the writing style is uniform across all mediums.

To set standards for using digital platforms

How you manage your digital marketing platforms can make or break your brand. Take, for example, a situation where you’re trying to optimize your website for search engines. Then out of ignorance or carelessness, you end up going against Google’s standards of link building and your site is penalized for it. Alternatively, suppose you or someone else managing your social media profiles make a bad joke that comes back to haunt your brand.

These are just a few examples that show why it’s vital to work with professionals that understand what is needed to succeed online and the common mistakes to avoid. Having such a team will come in handy when you need to draw up standards and policies that your entire company needs to observe to enable it grow its brand online.

Four top skills to consider when setting up a digital marketing team

Not sure what type of skills you need to look out for when trying to set up a digital marketing team for your company? Here are four positions to fill in first and their respective responsibilities:

Chief digital marketing manager

Just as the name suggests, this is the person in charge of all digital marketing activities taking place in your company. They also serve as the head of all digital specialists and report to you directly on everything the specialists are doing and their results.

SEO manager

This is the specialist in charge of everything to do with organic search results for the company. Some of their roles include to conduct keyword research, link building, and to solve issues that could be hindering your business from ranking highly on search results. For example, during their investigations, they may discover slow loading speed to be the reason behind the poor performance of your website on Google. It is their role to find and recommend more powerful hosting providers like the ones reviewed by MangoMatter in this massive comparison list.

Content manager

This is the person in charge of creating content or finding writers to update content for your business website. Some of their key roles include developing a content strategy, hiring writers and editors, and publishing high-quality content that sells your brand.

Marketing technology manager

To run successful digital marketing campaigns, you’ll inevitably have to employ quite a handful of technology tools to help you with various tasks and processes. This includes using tools like social media autoposters, email autoresponders, CRMs, and accounting tools like Freshbooks and Quickbooks to name just a few.

Having someone that manages these tools is key to ensuring that your business runs smoothly and that all data is kept safe. Some of the common roles of a technology manager include monitoring apps subscriptions, managing crucial business data, and troubleshooting software errors whenever they arise.

Are you planning to keep or create a new digital marketing team to help you with online digital marketing in 2020? What steps are you taking to make this goal achievable? We’d love to hear your feedback.