Tips for Effective Time Management

Powerful and effective time management is the most effective skill that one can have in life. Reaching a goal will be impossible if we fail to manage our time well. With poor time management, the simplest of goals, professional or personal, will seem like an uphill task.

It doesn’t mean that we will not scale any progress at all. But it will be nowhere close to the progress that we could have made if only we had managed our time well.

Following are certain tips that you can follow for efficient time management:

A Good Time Management System

You must find the right system to be able to manage your time well. The most effective method probably is the quadrant time management system. According to this method you should split your activities into four quadrants based on their importance and urgency.

As you know any activity that you do in your routine can either be urgent, important, both or neither. The activities that fall in the fourth quadrant and are neither important nor urgent should be those that you should avoid at all costs. Our focus should be on those activities that lie in the category of important but not urgent as those are the ones that we generally tend to neglect.

Carry Out Audits

If you try to recollect how you spent your time yesterday, you may have difficulty in recording it accurately. For this reason it is advised that you record how you spend time on your phone or in a journal.

Write down what you did in that time, what you got done and whether you think it was well spent or not. Evaluating the results every week may surprise you as you may realise that you haven’t always spent the time on those activities that you intended to spend them on.

Make a To-Do List

Before going to bed you should make a to-do list for the coming day. Take a look at what your goals are and think of ways in which you can get closer to achieving your goals. You may not achieve your goals overnight but by turning this into a habit you will realise how you are actually getting closer to achieving your goals.

Goals that you set for yourself each day will be easier to accomplish and achieving them means that you are headed in the right direction and that you will eventually meet your long term goals as well.

Spend Your Mornings on Important Tasks

Morning is that time of the day when we experience maximum energy in our system and our focus is also at its peak. Whatever task we put our mind to, it is bound to produce better results in the morning than if we were to perform it at any other hour of the clock.

Also, the way we begin our day sets the momentum for the rest of it and starting it on an energetic note ensures that we sail through the rest of the day with maximum efficiency.

Exercise or Meditate every Morning

Exercising and meditating every morning will provide the much needed balance and this in turn helps you to better manage the time that you have in your hands. For this you may have to cut down on toxins and you will realise how your stamina, mental focus and energy takes a drastic shift.



Very rarely do we experience emotions for a sustained period of time. They almost always vary in intensity and you may find yourself dissuaded and distracted at times. It becomes even more frequent if you do not find ways to constantly inspire yourself.

You can either have a playlist of videos or a mentor who you can turn to when you feel that your motivation is sinking. Such things will pull you back onto the right track and result in lesser wastage of crucial time.

Nobody can be absolutely sure about the amount of time that they have in life and therefore one must always try to make the most of it and be prepared for situations. Find out more about Legacy Wills to know how you can prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances.