The Most Out Of Your Smartphone During International TravelGetting

International travel can be for a variety of reasons including for business or pleasure. Regardless of purpose, a smartphone is your best buddy during international travel. Apart from communicating with family and colleagues, there’s a lot you can do with your smartphone in a foreign land. Below are a few pointers on how you can make the most out of your smartphone during international travel. 

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Have a blast

Traveling to distant locations might require taking a train ride, flight, or drive long distances. So, you have to plan for how you are to spend the journey. A good idea is to have your favorite playlist on your phone with some quality headphones or earbuds. There are various music streaming applications from where you can compile a list of your favorite songs. Some applications might allow downloading the playlist for playing offline while traveling. 

Travel paperless

When planning to travel, service providers are likely to send you tickets in your email. Fortunately, you can just download them on the phone to save the cost of printing. This is a better way to travel knowing that your transport, flights, festivals, and events access information is right in your fingers. It saves money and need to move with multiple papers in the backpack. This lowers your carbon footprint protecting the environment. You can activate notifications for schedules and other reminders without having to pull out papers always. 

Avoid getting lost

Traveling to distant locations offers an opportunity to tour new cities. So, you have to be prepared to make the most of this opportunity. Making this possible requires having a smartphone fitted with the best international roaming SIM . This comes with a cheap data plan to allow using travel apps like Google Maps. The app encourages locating areas you’re traveling to ensure you don’t get lost. Some apps even allow downloading maps for using offline to locate wherever you’re going. 

Discover a new culinary scene 

Tasting a variety of new cuisines is one of the best parts of international travel. However, it might be a bit tricky locating n wonderful local restaurants. Fortunately, you can use your internet-connected smartphone  to read restaurant reviews on Yelp. This will give you first-hand information regarding what to expect from a particular restaurant before you make up our mind to check it out. 

Getting from one location to another

It is a great idea to check out the various locations and attractions in a new country. This requires moving from one location to another. The trick is to download the metro system app to understand the various points served by the metro. Alternatively, request transport apps such as Uber and Lyft allow requesting for taxi pick up from your location. This is where internet connection on your phone is very important and the driver will give you some tips on the locations worth checking out 

Capture amazing memories

Taking pictures is obvious when traveling to international locations. If you are not enthusiastic about moving with a digital camera, a quality smartphone  can do the same job. You just have to ensure that you have a standby mobile charger and enough memory for capturing those amazing moments. Having an internet-connected phone allows uploading images as soon as you capture them to your social media accounts. You can even install apps for editing and making collages of your images before sharing them. 

Remember everything

When traveling, it is important to have a plan or an itinerary. Since traveling paperless is a great idea, you can make notes on your smartphone. When checking the next item on your itinerary, you just have to pull out your phone and check where you saved your itinerary. This eliminates wasting time and effort to check in your backpack for the file with your documents in hard copy.  

Final thought

With the tips above, you will appreciate your smartphone even more. Most important of all is to have your phone connected to the internet. This requires purchasing an international roaming SIM to avoid exorbitant international roaming charges. Fortunately, you have to purchase this SIM before beginning the trip and it comes with cheap data plans, call minutes, and text messages. Apart from making you make the most of your smartphone, this SIM will significantly lower your travel expenses.  


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