The importance of safe Search Engines

Without your knowledge, your information could be collected and stored online every time you make a Google search. Most of the time, this doesn’t affect you, but when lead generators and ad agencies have enough of this data, they can bog down your online experience and even make it dangerous. The risks include anything from having your private information stolen to accidentally falling for a scam that you never would have seen without the companies that collect your data.

This is why a safe search engine is so important and why many conscientious internet users are turning to viable alternatives to Google for their search engine needs. Here are a few examples of alternatives and the reasons you might use them instead.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit online library whose mission statement lists it as having “universal access to all knowledge.” While it may not show you the location of the nearest Wendy’s, the Archive collects and stores public access material including old websites, video games, music, software, movies, books, and more for completely free access by anyone.

For those looking for specific files or a wealth of information without any of Google’s red tape, The Internet Archive is a great place to start.


DuckDuckGo has been around a while now as a viable alternative to Google for largely the same services that Google offers. Utilizing a similar interface and results page, DuckDuckGo can be searched like Google and gives you a lot of the same information.

The difference is their promise of privacy. The site promises not to track your information, store your device’s address, or bombard you with aggressive personalized ad campaigns. In today’s aggressive digital marketplace where everyone is trying to get your info, that can make a big difference.


Known in academic circles primarily as a computation tool, WolframAlpha has a lot more uses than you may realize. Of course, it’s far superior to Google when it comes to problems dealing with health calculations, finances, math, science, and things like that. Its empirical information stores have other assets too though, like a database of movie and art information, sports numbers, and so much more.

If you’re looking for numerical or factual information, WolframAlpha is the internet’s leading search engine dedicated to that kind of question.

Not all the alternatives to Google are tried and true. Some of them, like, are new kids on the block. Hot promises to keep all user data private. No more selling of your searches or personal information.

Disconnect Search

One way or another, almost any search engine will be generating money by using you. Some people may want to avoid that system altogether and experience the internet in a way that’s completely non-profit for big corporations. Disconnect Search is one way to do that.

Like many Google alternatives, it compiles results from other engines. Unlike them, however, it claims to generate no revenue at all. It’s also completely anonymous, which may be an important concern for big businesses or particularly private individuals.


Safety online should be any business’s or consumer’s concern when they’re using search engines or calculating sensitive information. Today, many companies want to acquire and sell your information to ad agencies and scammers in order to trap you in a bad loan, sell you a bad product, or just infect your computer with software viruses.

To avoid this possibility, consider these alternatives to Google. They offer many of the same services while increasing your privacy online and ensuring that no one gets your sensitive information. Some of them even specialize in certain kinds of data. They may be better for your needs than Google in the first place.