The Best Pre-Employment Screening Measures Your Business Should Be Using

Hiring the right people is always imperative because the right people translate to a good bottom line. The same case applies to employing the wrong people only now you will get poor results and bad experiences.

When it comes to hiring employees, you need to know more about them to avoid hiring people who can hurt your business and not perform well as part of your team. Businesses use multiple employment screening measures to protect themselves and their employees.

Here are a few examples of pre-employment screening measures.

Criminal background check

A thorough criminal background check is imperative when it comes to selecting your next potential employee. A criminal check will allow you to see if the person has ever been convicted for a crime and if they have pending charges.

Although there are limitations into what you can look into when it comes to criminal checks, it’s always good to be thorough. On the other hand, if the person has a minor criminal record, you can always give them the chance to explain themselves, particularly if you think that they are the right fit for the job and have the skills you need.

It’s not easy for an employer to do a criminal background check. It is, therefore, advisable to use the services of companies that do such checks, with a good option being DataCheck Inc. employment screening services.

Job history verification

Job history verification screening is the most important when screening candidates, yet it’s usually the most overlooked.

Generally, more than forty percent of applicants misrepresent their information on resumes and exaggerate on things like experience, the role they played in their previous employment, and the remuneration they were receiving.

Verifying if what they present is true is paramount in getting the right candidate for the particular job.

National sex offender check

Much like the criminal check, the sex offender check has become mandatory. No company wants to hire a person who appears in the national sex offender database as this can ruin the reputation of the company and promote some negative press and PR.

Education verification check

The most important part of getting a new employee is that they are going to fulfill a certain task or role, so making sure that they have the experience and skills needed for the job is paramount

Education verification ensures the potential employee is not falsifying their education qualifications and putting your business or entity at risk.

Drug tests

Testing an applicant for drugs is either mandatory or voluntary, depending on the entity that is hiring. People looking to work as drivers have to do a drug test. Not all companies ask candidates to perform a drug test, but it is a requirement for companies that must maintain a drug-free working environment.


Pre-employment screening measures need to be selected and monitored with care. Employers run the risk of litigation if a selection decision is challenged and determined to be discriminatory or in violation of federal regulations. Tests used in the selection process must be legal, reliable, valid, and equitable, and HR professionals need to stay aware of any developing trends in the same.