The 5 Best Secure Email Services For 2019 To Protect Your Account From Online Threats

There are many free email service providers across the globe but, not all of them provides the best features and functionalities to the users. Gone are the days, when customers used to just rely on Yahoo Mail or Gmail for sending and receiving emails. There are still many users, who are satisfied with email services that are using less protected servers. They might feel that there is nothing in their mail accounts, which needs any kind of protection from the outer world.

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However, if you are familiar with some of the few recent email scandals, you can still switch to services that prioritize email protection. In this article, it will cover the 5 best secure email services for 2019, which customers can rely on. So, for those who are looking for the most secure email providing services, you can keep reading this content for more information.

Is It Necessary To Have Private Email Service To Keep Your Information Secure?

If you are using a free email account without any premium features, there is no guarantee that your emails are safe. Mostly, these accounts are suitable for regular average customers, who may not be dealing with any business, transaction or important messages. However, if you are subscribed to various services, official alerts or bank related events, it is recommended to utilize an encrypted email service.

These services not only guarantees that your information will be kept private and secured but, it will protect anonymity. Also, every email or chat that you send to others, it will offer end-to-end encryptions for complete protection. But there are many customers who may hesitate to switch to secure email services from Gmail or Yahoo Mail, as they aren’t aware of its features. In case, you are among them and have this question “is Gmail a secure email”, go through the following information.

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How Secure Is The Email Services From Google?

Gmail is one of the most preferred email services from Google with around one billion monthly customers. However, not many users know that Gmail’s free account may not provide security features against advanced phishing techniques. So, basically, if you are using the regular version of Google mail to send and receive emails, it might not be safe.

It is another thing that you enable strong passwords and 2-step or two-factor authentication process to secure Gmail account. Also, if you have followed the step-by-step checklist for securing your account on Google, it can provide additional features for protection. To know about some advanced options to protect your emails, let’s discuss the 5 best secure email services for 2019.

What Are The Best Private Email Service Providers To Watch Out In 2019?

According to many researchers, traditional email services are no longer private and secure for free user accounts. There are many third-party organizations, who can get into your details by buying data from your email account. If you go much deeper inside the work practices of certain law enforcement companies, they might be already seeing your information.

Also, there are marketing agencies, who mostly hack into the customers’ database of email services to fetch the clients’ details. If you think clearly, you must select the most secure email service for your business or personal accounts. You should also think about best-paid email service instead of the free email accounts.

There are many users who asked earlier “what is the most secure email provider 2018”. However, as the technology is changing rapidly, it will no longer be effective in the year 2019. So, let’s cover the list of top five email services that can protect your information. It will help to compare which best paid email service is best? And what are its paid membership charges?

List Of Best Paid Email Service Customers Can Select In 2019

It’s time to look beyond free email providers and choose a secure private email service for your business or personal use. Hence, go through the following top five picks for trusted email providers in 2019.

1. CounterMail

The email service of CounterMail provides physical security features to the users. You can access the data server for this email provider, which is in Sweden. It mainly utilizes the diskless servers that can increase the security layers in the customer’s mail account. This basically assures that the level of encryption provided by CounterMail is quite high.

So, nobody will be able to read any incoming and outgoing emails, if you opt for paid services with them. In terms of pricing details, customers can subscribe to CounterMail with three types of membership packages. Hence, you can select three, six or twelve months options with storage space of 250MB, 250MB, and 500MB respectively. It will cost you around $19, $35, or $59 based on 3, 6, and 12 months email subscription.

2. ProtonMail

The server for ProtonMail is based in Switzerland and it offers end-to-end encryption for online protection for the email address. Users can also take benefit from its zero-access construction mechanism in the email servers.

Hence, your data will remain safe and out of access from third-party agencies. As the servers are from Switzerland, your email account will have strict privacy laws. So, if anybody attempts to hack into your emails, they won’t be able to do it easily and can be penalized heavily, if found guilty.

The interface of ProtonMail is customer-friendly and you can connect your Gmail or other email aliases with it. Hence, it will not even require discontinuation of your active email accounts for creating a free profile on ProtonMail. However, if you want to explore additional security features of this email service provider, you can select $5, $8 or $30 monthly plans.

3. Hushmail

The services from Hushmail is quite user-friendly and provides a secure website environment for email users. Hushmail data servers are located in Canada and don’t support MacOS devices. However, your emails will be secured using OpenPGP encryption and compatible on mobile apps.

Even the non-users can also access the emails on a secure IP address and reply from custom domains. Hushmail is available with a 14-day free trial, but you can subscribe to its services within $50 yearly charge.

4. Runbox

If you select Runbox, you will get a secured valve with data safety laws from the Norwegian constitution. It also allows integration with other email providers and automatically encrypts data. Runbox price plans fall within the range of $1.66 to $6.66 monthly packages.

5. Kolab Now

Kolab Now is an open source email providing service with multiple features for its customers. However, if you want to know its cons, it will be its not so advanced user-interface and bit more costly than other email services. Its minimum package starts from $4.99/ month and can be expensive as per the choice of features.

To Wrap Up

Now, if your query is “which email service is the most secure”, you can select CounterMail for its secure environment for exchanging emails. It also provides free and excellent technical assistance to email users. The security systems are completely explained to the customers, who choose paid membership for CounterMail services. So, you can pick CounterMail for providing 100% transparency with security aspects.

However, the rest of the email providers are also effective and offers highly secured features like encryption key and public key. Hence, you can tally with similar websites and blogs to find some more products in the 5 best secure email services for 2019.


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