In today’s world, companies are progressing with digital marketing. They are using all possible means – social media, websites, ads to promote their products. Likewise, content marketing has become very popular in playing an essential role in a digital marketing strategy. It allows you to create blog posts that help in delivering your brand message to the audience.

Honestly, a lot of effort goes into writing blogs, but how can you encourage customers to engage with it and attract more visitors to your website? It is only possible when your blogs are a lot more exciting, interacts with its audience, and takes their feedback.

If you are struggling with engagement rates, the following are the ten ways to engage customers with your blogs: 

  • Entertain The Audience With Regular Updates 

Usually, at the time of starting a blog, people are very enthusiastic. They keep updating content after every hour to keep the audience hooked. You have to continue with the same compassion and spirit regularly. It shows your customers that you actively share information and entertain them. If you feel overwhelmed, set a posting schedule, and see if your visitors are returning to your site or not. Besides, don’t irritate the audience with the same content on every forum, learn to differentiate between your social media followers. 

  • Build A Responsive Website Design 

Businesses are chasing after glamorous and flashy designs, without realizing that it might annoy the audience. Indeed, great design can do wonders for your blog, but you have to consider other things as well. You have to make sure the design is responsive and uncluttered with quick loading speed. Likewise, pick a design with easy navigation tools to enhance user experience. Slow loading speed and a complicated design frustrate the audience as a result of which you lose traffic. If you don’t have a competent website design, then hunt online for the best content management services. For example, visit https://labinator.com/online-services/ to invest in the right word press them for your blog and other content management services which the labinator company offers. 

  • Use Visuals 

These days, plain-text based information no longer appeals to the people. Therefore, adding pictures or videos that contribute to the understandability of content is necessary. Therefore, focusing on creating entertaining videos rather than making them sound promotional. In short, something that people don’t mind sharing – witty humor, social message, or a trending topic. 

Alongside this, insert your brand message in a very subtle way to boost engagement and create brand awareness. Moreover, people are also engaging with infographics because this combination of information and pictures is easy to comprehend. Thus, put a little more effort and create an infographic for every blog post. You can also try your luck with podcasts because some people prefer to listen instead of reading. 

  • Create Engaging Headlines 

Do you know how the audience picks a blog? Headlines and topics can make or break your blog. A great topic can boost engagement, whereas a weak one keeps users away. Hence, you have to come up with a unique topic that draws attention. You can ask questions, offer solutions, leave a cliff hanger, or come straight to the point. It depends upon the audience you are targeting and what they prefer. Remember, your topic is a promise that your content must deliver because if you go off-topic, it can raise questions on the credibility of the business. 

  • Backup With Stats And Facts 

We are living in the 21st century, and now, companies have to deal with a smarter audience. They are not believing you until you quote stats and facts from reliable sites. For instance, – if you are telling ‘86% of people access sites from their smartphone’, you have to add references from a reputable source. Similarly, they also are likely to share content from the sources they trust. 

  • Enable Social Sharing 

You don’t always have to dig into the complexities to make things work. Sometimes, even simple options can do wonders, such as social sharing. It is an incredible way to make your blog posts more engaging. You have to select unique pictures that talk about your blog posts or stand on their content. You can share it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social sites to build a following. As a result, it would increase your blog audience and provide additional value to your readers. 

  • Focus On Customer’s Needs

With evolving trends, tastes, and fashion of the audience are also changing. Thus, when crafting a blog post, you need to look up for the newest wrinkle in the market, making sure your blog is catering to the customer’s needs. You can also use social media forums to ask them what sort of information they want. It would give you an insight into their interests and opinions, allowing you to create relevant blogs. So, when the blog would be all about customers, they will surely engage. 

  • Promote Your Blog 

There is no point in creating engaging content when people are not aware of it. You have to get your blogs out there to ensure it receives the attention you seek. Promote it all across the internet using different social media platforms. It might be off-site engagement, but it would direct people towards your blogs. However, always ask questions when promoting content – ‘Do you know how to increase conversions or Are you looking for white sneakers’? These questions hit curious minds leading to more engagement.

  • Offer Something Helpful 

If we talk about facts, the majority of readers don’t return to the blogs. So, how can we go about it? If you want people to engage with your blog, you have to offer them something in return. Lead magnets could be the ideal option to fix the deal. You can offer discounts, offers, free goodies in return for their email addresses. By doing this, you can send updates regarding your latest content, so that people can engage with it. Customers appreciate these efforts and build a connection with your brand. 

  • Ask For Comments 

Sometimes, you need a response from your readers to know how well your blog is doing. Request your readers to leave a comment or share your post. Likewise, you can also ask about their thoughts and experience with regards to the subject and what sort of content they would like to see more. Don’t forget to respond to their comments because if you engage with the audience, they will return to your blog more often. 


Recently blogs have become immensely popular, but you have to make it work. Firstly, customers should be able to reach out to your blogs without any trouble. Secondly, you have to ensure the audience engages with the content. The techniques mentioned above will help you to create an effective web design and creative blogs.