Introverts – these are the people who tend to focus or work on their internal thoughts and feelings rather than seeking outside stimulation. These are those people who, just like a device, has an own internal battery and charge themselves for their own survival. Opposite to introvert is extravert, and these are the people who exposed themselves under the solar panel, like they’re getting their energy under the sun, from people around them outdoors. When I was young, I used to consider myself as an introvert person, I didn’t expose myself socially and I prefer reading books than to interact with many people, whether they’re of my age or older.

I prefer to play with a few friends indoors. I was shy and shall we say – lonely. Growing up, I learned that the best lesson to become mature is to be with people outside too. If you add people in your life, interact with them in the outside world, you’ll see how huge your world is and it’s a great help to your journey to maturity. 

Being an introvert isn’t really bad; however, introvert people are more on getting depressed compared to people who interact with people outside. Well, it would still depend on how one is able to manage is feelings, but for me, I have learned that to somehow divert my emotions and get rid of being burned out, I have to go out with friends and release bad feelings that getting inside me.

In social media, it’s a little different. We can interact with people even when you’re lying on your bed and there’s no need for you to get yourself fixed to look good to communicate with someone else. However, applying to real life situation, if you feel lonely in social media as well, it’s pretty battery draining this time, or shall we say, life is at its utmost loneliness when even over the internet you’re alone. 

Of course, social media is fun – provided that you are creating fun using it. For example, you posted on Twitter about something you found interesting, and you heard nothing in return or maybe just a little thought from the others, well that’s really absurd. Compared to hearing back several thoughts, different stories from the other people about what they can advise or suggest, there you get to know and analyze what you’re really up to and what is the best thing to do about it. Moreover, social media can be your success tools especially for those who are creative or they own a business. Business owners can take advantage of platforms such as Onpost and Social tradia to start their Instagram marketing.

In this article, we will discuss about Four Social Media tips for Introvert people to succeed in this world where Social Media is already a part of our daily lives. 

  1. Create a routine and make it a habit – This is very common and is applicable in life generally. May it be at work, at school or even at home! When you make something a habit, it makes it easier and easier as time goes by. And as it has been said, practice makes you better. But don’t forget that a routine also has its limits. Don’t spend your whole day with your face on the internet, just set time on when you want yourself to get engaged in social media on a daily basis. A 2 hour time per day is already good.
  2. Engage when you’re charged – This refers to what I mentioned above that introverts have their own battery that they need to charge to survive. Engage in social media when you feel you like to do it; when you have the energy to face the reality of social media reality. When you feel like your mind is too busy about something else, it’s not a good time to engage here. 
  3. Set a challenge for yourself – You know how competent you are when you compete with yourself, when you always accept challenges in life and deal with it alone. However, think out of the box and try to do something different, and see how it changes your perspectives. For example, you set to challenge yourself to leave a comment for several people that you have never seen before. Then, tip number 1. Once you feel comfortable doing it, find another challenge to do. As it goes along the way, you’ll see, you’re somehow showing yourself in social media like an extravert, but you’re really not, in real life.
  4. Give back – Imagine how fulfilling it is to see you posts are being liked, commented or shared with the many? The other people also wanted it for their posts. Imagine when you post something before you sleep and you wake up seeing your post with amazing engagement? It will make your day, right? You also have to be kind enough to engage so some people’s posts, react to it, comment, share, or do what you have to do just like what you want them to do with your posts. It’s a joyful give and take process!


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