Simple – to follow guide to attain AWS solutions architect salary

In 2013, Amazon Web Services (AWS) disclosed its effective certification program at that time; no one would have imagined that AWS certification would become such popular in a short spam.

Look at this certification now it has a significant global demand displayed by the testing center located worldwide. 

AWS certification name is now provided in different languages. They have an increasing number of IT professionals that are keen to know what goes into obtaining the certification for AWS

AWS certification has now featured as the major highlighted whenever the global knowledge IT Salary and skills is presented. The AWS has a high adoption rate with the best cloud services. These are acceptable for the organization. 

Located around the world and have translated into some of the prominent salaries for those IT experts selecting to pursue AWS certification particularly.

In the recent survey of global knowledge 2019 IT skills and salary, 1,011 respondents told they hold an AWS solutions architecture salary is $129,868, which ranked professional to be under highest paying cash fiction holders in North America. 

What do you mean by AWS certified solution architect? 

Amazon provides both professional and associate level of its AWS certified solution architect certification. You should gain your associate. Level certification before proceeding to the professional level.

Associate Level

According to 2019 It skills and salary survey, the average salary for professionals having AWS certified solution architect the level of associate in Canada and the United State is $130,883.

These are few concepts few candidates should know before attempting the exam they are:

  1. Developing and designing a highly available and scalable system on AWS.
  2. Framing on promises application to AWS.
  3. Choosing the write AWS services based on need.

Preparation of AWS exam should be designed and thus knowledge that highlights all the crucial FAQs and even offers hint tricks from our experts.

Professional Level

Once achieving the associate certificate IT professionals should step ahead with professional level. It ranges an average salary of $148, as per the 90 survey respondents who attain this certification. Therefore, candidates should have-

  1. An ability to migrate complex multi-tier application operated on AWS.
  2. Skills deploying and designing vibrantly scalable and reliable application on.  AWS $148,456 as per the 90 survey respondents who attain this certification. Therefore candidates should have.
  3. Knowledge of level again software development kits (SDKs) to reach services from the selected applications.
  4. An effective grasp on selecting the correct AWS services.
  5. Writing code optimizing practice. 
  6. Code-level application safety.

AWS certified SYS OPS administrator 

for those holding the AWS certified SYSOPS administrator- associate certification have the average salary of $130, 610. This certification accepts technical expertise in management, operation, and deployment on AWS.

Candidates proposing for this certification should understand the important concepts of the courses. 

  1. AWS with migrating on-premises Apps.
  2. Recognize the operational cost control procedures
  3. Executing and managing the data flow to end from the processing of AWS

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer as the professional level certification for both SYS OPS and the developer administrator associate level; a candidate must have these certifications before opting for this one. According to the report of IT skills and salary, 52 respondents from Canada and the United State are certified with AWS.

The little sample pool built an average salary of $137,724. The AWS certification includes technical expertise in operating, managing and provisioning well- structured application systems on the platform of AWS. Every candidate should have an in-depth understanding of the basic concept. 

They are:

  1. Governance procedures and security contracts.
  2. Managing techniques to process operational tasks.
  3. Executing and maintaining continuous methodologies and delivery systems on AWS

As interest in AWS Solution Architect certification means to Skyrocket several times. It is the need to access AWS skills and experience to grow for IT specialists who had earned such top-paying certification. 

Learning and practicing help once to follow the path of success. AWS provides resources including hands-on practicing quests and labs are for attempting the exam for this certification. 

Also, there are authorized training courses available online. One of them is knowledge hut. It focuses on the learning skills on the candidates and makes them get ready for attempting the examination.

How to pick the right certification for you? 

The decision is wise to pick and certification from AWS. all the certification courses add value to candidates professional credibility, salary, professional satisfaction, and professional growth. 

Therefore, whenever a candidate decides to go with professional courses, there is nothing wrong in going with AWS guide. Moreover a support form KnowledgeHut is quite efficient to deliver the best results. Thus, AWS is effective to OPT as its salary packages are smartly the happier ones. 

Advantages of AWS certification 

There are various preferences in getting to be AWS ensured. Amazon web services certifications. Approved our ability and information in the transcendent distributed computing stage. Are reliably recorded among the top paying information tech affirmations around the world. Gather more meetings for hopeful could authorities, and higher wages once enlisted. Are perceived industry-wide as solid and well-planned tech qualification. Show believability and devotion to your distributed computing professional way. Give success to a system of similarity invested companions and AWS thought-pioneers. 

Why businesses prefer to use AWS?


Organization use AWS distributed computing answers for an assortment of business needs. This consistently developing rundown incorporates web and application.

Facilitating, huge information stockpiling and examination, reinforcement and debacle recuperation, custom ventures in rising zones like lo T and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Associations that effectively coordinate AWS arrangements acknowledge advantages like expanded effectiveness, cost-reserve funds, more noteworthy speed, more tightly security and simpler versatility.