Role Of Avast SafeZone Browser And Whether To Keep This Tool Or Switch To Avast Secure Browser

With the launch of Avast antivirus for guarding against critical threats, it also introduced the Avast SafeZone Browser to ensure safe browsing on the internet. Unfortunately, a majority of Avast users aren’t aware of this browser and assume it to be a malicious component in their systems. In this article, you will come across some useful information regarding this Avast browser. But, if you don’t feel the necessity to keep SafeZone in your computer, you can check this article to uninstall this browser.

However, for those who want to know the benefits of Avast SafeZone and want step wise instructions to download it, keep reading this content. You will also get to learn about the newest version of Avast Secure browser along with its installation benefits. So, let’s begin the discussion with the importance of SafeZone Browser, followed by its features and downloading instruction.

Why Avast SafeZone Browser is Installed and How it Can Impact your Browsing Experience?

During the installation of Avast antivirus or any other security program on Windows, Avast SafeZone Browser gets installed automatically. According to many users, they have spotted a browser icon of SafeZone on their desktops after getting Avast product on their systems.

So, before you start judging this browsing tool and consider it as malware, let’s discuss some technical details on Avast SafeZone Browser.

What is the Purpose of Avast SafeZone Browser?

SafeZone browser is a component of Avast that runs on your system as a sandbox. It is an effective tool for providing protection against virus and malware attacks. But Avast SafeZone also works actively to safeguard your personal data while browsing websites on the internet.

With this program of Avast SafeZone, the developers are offering an additional layer of defense in the existing premium antivirus products range. However, during the initial launch of SafeZone, some Avast Free Antivirus customers were selected for trying the browser for free.

As SafeZone runs in a sandbox, it enables the users to have limited access to open and modify the data on PCs. Hence, if any unauthorized person handles your Avast account or browser or attempts to hack your system, they can’t make permanent modifications.

If you are running any e-commerce business or want to invest money for online banking or shopping site, Avast SafeZone Browser offers Pay Mode for safety.

Hence, whenever you make any online transaction using SafeZone, it will isolate your session using a specialized browser. The security standard is even more enhanced with Avast Secure Browser, which is the newest version of SafeZone.

Is Avast Secure Browser a VPN and How Does it Differ from SafeZone?

Due to some recent technical issues, Avast has updated SafeZone to Secure Browser. So, if you are asking “is Avast Secure Browser a VPN?”, know that Avast has developed this browser to enhance security using the technology of virtual private network. The program of Avast Secure Browser offers exclusive tools and features for maximizing your online security.

Once you download and install Avast Secure Browser on your PC, there is no necessity of installing any extra features or extensions for privacy concerns. It also maximizes the online security of users by blocking ads and extensions from third-parties.

Is There any Technical Issue with Avast SafeZone Browser Installation?

According to some research reports, the Avast SafeZone Browser can pose serious threats to the user’s account. There are certain vulnerability and bugs in the Avast browser, which can leak your confidential data to attackers. It can also enable hackers to access private files from your PC by just clicking on a malicious link.

If you install Avast SafeZone Browser on your computer, you can utilize many of its built-in tools for improving the overall experience. So, it offers features like Ad-blocker, do-not-track, and software for video download. However, in order to make use of these features, you will require to share your personal data over the internet.

Avast SafeZone Browser

This is why many Avast users simply choose to remove SafeZone browser from their PCs. Now, your question is “how do I get rid of Avast SafeZone Browser?”, try out the methods in the following section.

Instructions to Download and Uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser

Now, it entirely depends on the Avast users whether they want to retain Avast SafeZone Browser on their computers or remove it. So, apply the following steps if your query is “how do I download Avast SafeZone browser?”.

Steps to Download Avast SafeZone Browser

First, visit the official website of Avast or click on the link on your current browser. As you access the site, Avast will register the OS version and other technical details of your PC.

Now, locate the orange tab that indicates ‘Download Free Antivirus’ and clicks on it. This will immediately direct you to the Avast download page, where it will provide the appropriate installer for your computer.

Next, you will have to hit the tab for ‘Download Now’ to allow your system to load Avast antivirus program. In case, you want to install Avast on Mac, press the ‘Free Download’ button instead.

Wait for your PC to process the files after Avast finishes the downloading process. Then, go to the ‘Downloads’ section and locate the filename that indicates the Avast installer program. On some machines, you may find ‘avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe’ as the file name.

So, you need to open this .exe file by double-clicking on it and access the setup window. Now, the process to install Avast varies according to the OS in your system. Hence, if you are installing Avast on Windows, press the ‘Yes’ button when you receive a dialog box to install the software. Thereafter, hit the tab for ‘Install’ and then confirm your action by pressing the ‘Continue’ button twice during the installation.

Whereas, on Mac, you will have to locate the box icon for ‘Avast Security’ and double-click on it. Then, press ‘Continue’ and click on ‘Agree’ button for confirming the installation. Once, the Avast Antivirus gets installed on your machine, it will automatically load SafeZone browser on it.

Instructions to Remove Avast SafeZone Browser

In case, you suspect Avast SafeZone Browser for being malware or don’t find it useful, you can uninstall it with the following steps.

First, open the user interface of Avast on your PC and go to ‘Settings’. Then, hit the tab for ‘Components’ and find the feature of ‘Security’. You will have to scroll down the window to find the option of ‘SafeZone Browser’. Now, you need to double-click this feature and select ‘Uninstall Component’.

Next, simply reboot your PC so these changes can take effect and you will not see the icon for Avast SafeZone Browser anymore. Visit: tamilrockers proxy

In case, you want to remove SafeZone due to security reasons, you can install Avast Secure Browser instead to have maximum online protection. For those who want to know “is Avast Secure Browser free”, you can download this tool for free and install it on your PC. However, to explore its premium features and advanced security settings, you can choose a paid membership for Secure Browser. To know more about SafeZone and Secure Browser or any other Avast products, you can consult a software professional immediately.