Reasons webmaster must use ICO converter tool

It is a good practice to come up with an impressive website but you need to do a lot more to get customers and generate sales. Why would people end up on your website instead of other established alternatives? This would obviously happen when you are offering something that other online brands are not. A good strategy to convince the customers is having an exceptional parameter on your website. People should be able to remember your website. This is when they would browse it directly and prefer it over other alternatives. The use of png to ico converter to create a favicon is one of the finest alternatives. Professional webmasters use quality ICO converter tools create favicons so that people are able to remember the website.

Here are some key reasons why an ICO converter tool should be used by web masters.

Better chances of getting traffic

With an ICO converter tool, you can generate a favicon from any image file. A favicon is a small icon that appears on the browser tab. How is that helpful? The biggest benefit is that users are able to keep your website in their minds. A favicon is a unique image that appears on the browser tab. This obviously differentiates one tab from all the others opened by the user. An example would provide us with more elaborated understanding.

  • Consider that a user has opened four browser tabs including one for your website. If your website has a favicon and other websites don’t, the user would be able to remember your page in an easier way. In other words, there would be a higher probability of the user visiting your website than going for another alternative. Thus, it can be said that favicons make it easy for users to remember a particular website.
  • Websites which have favicons are easily remembered by the users and this has a positive impact on the traffic rate. A website earns money and generates sales when it has a good rate of traffic. The use of a favicon is obviously helpful if you want this goal to be achieved.
  • The reputation of a website depends on the effort put in by web masters. A web master is responsible for generating the best results from a website by applying effective techniques. The use of an ICO converter tool is one of the smart strategies. When a favicon appears on the browser tab, it can be used as a convenient book mark. With a bookmark, it is simple to browse a website which you visit on day to day basis.  You do not have to type the complete address when the website is browsed every time. A favicon makes a bookmark look different

ICO generators with better SEO rank

Having a favicon obviously has a positive impact on the rank of the website. If a website uses a favicon, it has greater chances of acquiring a high rank. The rank of a website is obviously important to get better business results. If you are a webmaster, this is one thing you have to think about. Improving the rank of a website is important for getting more exposure. Having a favicon on the websites helps the website in getting ranked higher. It is a good option to generate more sales through the website.

Better marketing strategy

It is expected that people would not visit a website if it has not been marketed properly. Having a favicon is important as a good marketing strategy. If you have a favicon, people would notice your brand in an effective manner. When a website has a quality favicon, it is easy for him to remember it.

  • Selecting a brand depends a lot on whether the customer remembers it or not. No one would browse for a brand is he does not remember it. A favicon makes it immensely easy to remember a brand. When a potential buyer views the image of a brand on the browser tab continuously, he remembers it without any problem.  This is a good move because as the user opts for a brand which he remembers in an easy manner.
  • There is a lot of competition between online brands these days and a lot depends on the marketing strategy of the brand. If the brand is not promoted well enough, it would not get enough customers even if the products carry quality. Webmasters who use favicon would be able to get a good customer count for their website.

The Prepostseo ICO converter tool

The best favicons can only be produced if you are using a tool that stands out like favicon generator by Prepostseo. This ICO converter tool is completely online and free of cost. Other than that, the following benefits are offered to the user.

No charges applied

There is nothing better than having a free dependable ICO generator. This tool is completely free and users can use it innumerable times. The best thing is that no conditions are applied on users for using this tool for free. There are no trial time periods after which the tool has to be purchased.


When you talk about running an online brand in a successful manner, a lot depends on how well the brand has been marketed. People only prefer a brand when they know about it. In other words, the brand has to be promoted properly if you want people to have a high preference rate for it.

The use of a favicon is an important step in terms of digital marketing. When a brand icon appears on the browser tab, people remember it easily and start preferring the brand as well.