Pair Up With a Reputed Bail Bond Agent to Get Added Leverage

A bail bond is a three-party contract comprising of the defendant, bail bondsman, and the cosigner. You should find yourself a reliable bond dealer to save yourself a substantial amount of money. Many bail bond agents have written pretty large bonds in favor of their clients to re-arrest them in the coming period to discharge the liability pressed on the bond. In addition to that, the bail bondsman has no obligation to return your money. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out thorough research about the bail bond companies before hiring them. One of the critical elements for the judgment lies in understanding and evaluating the agents’ previous clients’ testimonials.

Why Hire a Bail Bond Agent?

A lot of times, the police can arrest a person without a good offense. In such cases, with no or little shreds of evidence, the person can hire a guarantor on their behalf to get a release. An experienced professional, such as Castle Bail Bonds, can help with the bond process and the case’s resolution. It is crucial to take action immediately if you find out that there are any pending issues in your name. You should consult a legal professional for expert advice.


There are two types of indemnitors, which are self-indemnitors and cosigners. The self-indemnification process means when the defendant can sign for their bail. Such cases occur when the bail bonds company believes that the defendant is responsible enough to handle all the expenses and attend the court hearings.

On the other hand, a cosigner is an individual who agrees to take responsibility for the defendant. In such cases, the cosigner is held accountable for the activities of the defendant. Thus, the consigner should ensure that the defendant attends all the court dates until the case finishes. The consigner should also handle the bail bonds’ cost, either in an upfront manner or as suggested by the bail bond company.

Elements of a Reliable Cosigner

A cosigner should possess certain elements, which will put greater trust in the property bail bondsman. The part of a cosigner is critical as it can reduce the price percentage to even up to four or five percent.

  • A person who is readily available and easy to locate. The preference is mostly for a lifelong resident of the state.
  • A person who has obligations in terms of finances and family. Such obligations make it difficult for the person to relocate, and thus, it can act as a strong point for selecting a cosigner.
  • A person who can quickly pay the full face amount of the bond in a given period. Evaluation of a person’s salary, designation, coupled with a stable long work record.

Pair up with a trustworthy bondsman. Remember that the price is not everything when it comes to judging the bail bond agent. On the contrary, the bail bondsmen have the whole arrest rights on the defendant without placing any reason what so ever to the court.