Microsoft PowerApps portal debuts with new maker experience

Artificial Intelligence is undeniably one of the biggest buzzwords in the market today. The tech giants of the world have been invested in this full-time, for quite some time now. And after all these years, we are getting to see the fruits of all that.

Fantastic implementations of this technology have come about as key elements in the present day commercial circles. AI technologies put emphasis on self-paced collective intelligence and impact various business sectors throughout the globe.

Microsoft PowerApps portal

But as far as developments for 2019 goes, Microsoft has been hard on the radar of investors and enthusiasts alike.

Why do you ask?

Well, Microsoft has gotten in on the AI game, and as we’ve got to see. That they’ve done a pretty marvelous job of that.

As an upshot of Microsoft’s amplified ingenuity, PowerApps, a new AI website building portal takes the center stage.

The Background…

Microsoft has been active in AI research and development for quite some time now.

They have a lot of projects at hand, but this time with the PowerApps portal you will be able to put together the website that you always wanted.

But it is going to be in a much easier fashion, where you’ll just have to come up with the design.

PowerApps is going to give you all you need for that. But that pops up an obvious question: “Why should you consider this over the other already established CMS platforms?” The answer is you will get the best of both AI and BI.

It is common knowledge today that you have to have some kind of online presence with a website. Through that, you will be able to get all the business opportunities that might be there. And thus, website design has reached over to a whole new level. And then there comes Big Data.

The New Things You will get from PowerApps

Data is power in this day and age, to be specific Big Data. It is with this that the researchers are being able to develop and modify a thing as powerful as AI. And with that, computer processing power is at an all-time high because of which we are getting all of this. This has translated to the domain of business analysis. And the specific term for that is Business Intelligence, or in short BI. You can say that PowerApps is a combination of both. Businesses have always made the decisions that they made by referring to all the related data. And now with technological developments like this, business decision making has reached a new level and BI is a key driver of that.

With the websites that you can get from PowerApps, you’re going to get all that advantage. With BI power, you’ll be able to gather all the information that you need.

3 Cool Features You’re Going to Get from PowerApps

Microsoft is taking its services to a whole different level by introducing PowerApps. In this section of the article, we’re going to discuss all of that. And also the ways in which it might fit into your business website plans. This might need you to be a little in touch with the technical side of things. But that is in no way going to be a deterrent for anybody looking to make the best use of this.

So, the following are the key features that you’re going to get from the Microsoft PowerApps portal.

Seamless Integration with the Various Microsoft Services

As we all know of the awesome software tools that Microsoft has given us, namely MS-Office.

In this age, it’s an absolute necessity for data management in corporate offices. After all, smooth running of the operations is something you cannot compromise with.

Guess what?

Microsoft is bringing all of that into the fold with their PowerApps portal. And that is a huge thing in itself.

How’s that going to benefit you?

Simple. In the usual ways they did, and a lot beyond that as well.

With the integration of the well renowned Microsoft services with this new AI and BI based technology. You’re going to be able to get a lot more out of it. It can also reflect on the websites that you build using this PowerApps platform. You will actually be able to incorporate a lot of the tools necessary for whatever purpose you have.

Better Engagement between the Customers and the Partners

Social sharing has come to be one of the best things a business can leverage on for more brand equity. Microsoft, like everybody else, has been aware of this and they’ve worked with it as well. Now, with the PowerApps portal, Microsoft is going to take that a step further. Once you build yourself a website using this portal, you can gain access to the portal through the different ways that are currently there.

To name some of them, we’ve got platforms like Azure Active Director, LinkedIn etc. It can also be from the different other personal accounts that you can have.

The biggest advantage that you as the user of this portal is going to get is very clear.

Previously, you’d have to take a lot of extra measures if you had to share websites and its data. Especially when you did that with people who are not a part of your company. Thanks to the Microsoft PowerApps portal that the process is going to be much simpler than before.

Creating Intelligent Models for the Different Business Processes

What the different search engines are giving weight to is the user experience a website can provide. The more enriched it is, with the right content to support it, the better your rankings are going to be. Now, Microsoft PowerApps is going to give you the ability to incorporate different complex business models. This is going to be critical for enhancing that real life experience that your website is going to provide.

Like we said about the BI systems that this new technology has on board. You’re not going to have to do things separately. It’s going to be a part of the entire package that is the Microsoft PowerApps portal.


So in the year 2019, we’re going to have this fantastic development. A direct outcome of all the progress, that the tech giants are making in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And add to that the very useful business intelligence systems which are going to be readily available for businesses of different sizes and valuations?

So buckle up, and be prepared to make the best out of these wonderful technological developments.