Maximize your e-commerce revenue with email marketing tools-a detailed guide

If you’re not sending emails to your website or page visitors, you’re surely missing out on a huge scope converting them into buyers. You can directly use emails for to sell your products and services. You send offers to users/subscribers who left their shopping carts or didn’t buy in a while. 

You can also use them in a more indirect manner to remind others of your existence and showcase your relevance with helpful tips and newsletters. The best part is that email marketing is pretty cheap, which makes it so easy to get an impressive return on investment.

Through mails, you reactive inactive consumers and boost your e-commerce. Even the most popular businesses have inactive or stagnant customers. They may leave for good, or they even forget about you. To make the most out of your email list, determining your users is a must.

  • Send a reactivation email to users who haven’t opened the newsletter of late. It also applies to customers who haven’t made a single purchase from you in the last five months.
  • With reactivation emails, you determine whether they are likely to come back or not. 
  • Even if they click through the mail and don’t buy, you know they are still into your brand.
  • After a few reactivation emails, you may remove inactive ones from your list.


Significance in e-commerce

Although some say that email marketing is outdated, it still continues to outperform Facebook and Twitter when to comes to selling stuff online. The first advantage is great ROI. Take any marketing channel into account, email tops the list in terms of creating huge ROIs. Recent studies show that direct email marketing chains bring 3900% ROI. That’s unbeatable, isn’t it? 

The simple reason behind such high numbers is that email marketing helps you in targeting a particular segment in your list. You can use emails in numerous ways for reaching your potential audience. From drip emails and newsletters to abandoned shopping cart reminders and various festive discounts, you can do much more with emails.

  • It’s more effective (40X) than social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. That’s why you see business-specific emails.
  • While social media is an awesome place to create connection with a potential buyer, but still all things are open and have a distracted avenue.
  • If you’re sending emails to your Instagram followers, you can send them in their private inbox to connect with them.
  • It results in more conversions. You measure a marketing channel’s effectiveness by the revenue it generates. 
  • Since emails stay in a customer’s personal space, you can eventually form a connection with them to gain their trust.
  • That trust determines their buying decisions. A recent Nielson study says that more 70% of customers online prefer to buy stuff from a brand/company they are familiar with. 


Into the future

Future predictions and takes on email marketing say that you’ll soon be able to send emails to consumers, who can purchase through the email sans the need of sending hem to online stores or ecommerce portals to complete the concerned purchase. 

  • Google currently has that technology to allow buyers to pay directly through and inside emails. The tool is called Pony Express. 
  • Email is all set to become more than a mere traffic source. It could be one of the biggest transactional mediums that brands can benefit from.
  • The best thing about email marketing is that you target 1-2 customers, or thousands of clients with the same amount of care and effort. 
  • To optimize your email marketing directives, you can contact trained agencies. They have the experience of working on countless such campaigns for a broad range of customers. 
  • The ‘buy now’ button in email propels recipients to head straight to your ecommerce store


Maximizing your sales

Email marketing is going to click if you’ve individuals on your list in the first place. For any online retailer, the most important question is how do you get people into your list? 

  • To market your ecommerce business, you’ve several ways to make people join your list.
  • If your website is already creating sales, you must already have a set of buyers. In case you don’t, you need to use some tactics to collect their email addresses.
  • The first method is to create a pop-up, which appears on your website, providing customers with a coupon.
  • With a robust marketing strategy, you don’t need to ask for an email address immediately after displaying that mail pop-up.
  • If you can entice people with a rebate coupon, they will be automatically willing to purchase form you. 
  • When they do make a purchase, they’re bound to provide their mail id. Ecommerce marketing professionals know that it’s a smart way to generate sales and leads, without being overly edge and pushy.

Another viable marketing strategy is to just gift free content relating to your product. Or instance, if you have a business that sells makeup stuff, you might entail some lead magnets, such as tips or makeup guides/tutorials on applying them. This is a cost-effective and smart marketing method that numerous online retailers employ.

Your sidebar can have an opt-in box. It can notify prospective customers/clients that you have a product to give away. If you’ve blog posts that generate a lot of traffic, it can also be a great idea to implement content upgrades in sync with your content.


Some crucial aspects

One feature of email marketing that deserves special mention is that it isn’t subject to the whims and fancies of centralized channels, where unplanned and random tweaks or modifications to algorithms can fully railroad a distribution format. 

In contrast, FB pages’ organic reach has been declining for the past 7 years because the platform keeps focusing on News Feed to promote content from family and friends. Hence, climbing atop Google search rankings is only getting harder, with answer boxes and advertisements resulting in a glaring number of no-click searches. 

These searches are predominantly on mobile. The worst part is, if you want to reach your audience on these platforms, you may have no option but to pay. With email marketing, you need not worry about such hassles.

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