Marketing Tips To Make Your Company Stand Out From The Instagram Crowd 

It is only a perfect marketing strategy that will help a business stand out from the competition, and it is the same in Instagram marketing as well. There are specific ways in which you can attract more followers to your Instagram account. 

However, it is required to use the Instagram platform and its features to its full potential. A research report from Forrester reveals that engagement of the users on Instagram is 58 times more than the followers on Facebook. Therefore, you should not underestimate the marketing potential of Instagram. If you can use it properly, it will:

  • Make your brand stand out
  • Gain more followers and 
  • Ensure better exposure.

You will need to optimize the basics, which says that people remember 80% of what they see as compared to 20% of those that they read.

You may be using the logo as your profile picture alongside the name of your company across all social channels, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn. 

It is time to add Instagram to your list. This will ensure more consistency in the social media landscape. It will, in turn, help your social followers to recognize your brand and content quickly.

The profile basics on Instagram are as essential as the photos you post on it. Therefore, whether you already have an Instagram business account or plan to set one up, make sure that you get the basic settings right and complete. This will help you to provide more valuable and relevant information possible. 

Your Instagram bio

You should pay attention to your Instagram bio in particular and make sure that it contains a brief description of:

  • Your company
  • What you do
  • The voice of the company and 
  • The personality. 

Also, make it a point to include a link to your website in it so that users can find you on the internet as well.

On Instagram, consistency is the key. Therefore, when you find that the name of your company is already taken, use a name that is as close to the original as possible. It is even better to use your company logo as the profile picture. This will help the followers to recognize you quickly and know the updates.

It will not take much to write a killer bio to create a great first impression. Just make sure that the content of your Instagram profile and bio is appealing because it is the first thing that people will see. It will play a key role in influencing people to:

  • Take the desired actions
  • Follow you
  • Scroll through your content and 
  • Click the link back on it to visit your website.

Ideally, your bio should tell a bit about you and more about your brand so that it appeals to your target audience.

Form a visual chain 

The content that you create for your Instagram post should build a visual chain that is cohesive and appealing. Ideally, according to the Instagram arrangements, a new image will appear right above the third photo and right next to the previous one. It is for this reason you should consider the last and the third previous post so that all three blends entirely visually.

This will ensure that:

  • The feed is balanced and
  • The look is consistent.

Most importantly, it will save you a lot of time. This is because you will need to consider only three photos for a perfect match instead of all the photos in your feed. Therefore, before you upload any new photo, make sure that:

  • The colors of the three photos match
  • There is a perfect balance between simple and detail-heavy photos and 
  • Delete the old images if it does not fit.

When you select a photo, make sure that it shows the product in the most creative way and put in all your imagination in it. You can take the help of experts like Blastup in this matter if you find it to be difficult for you. 

Smart monetization

Social media is the best resource to increase brand awareness, follower count, and more, but that is not enough for a business. You will need to use Instagram as well to add to the bottom line. This will help you to get:

  • More followers
  • More conversions
  • More business and 
  • More sales.

However, you will need to do some smart monetization for it but make sure that you do not deviate from ethical monetization so that all your efforts look like spamming. The approach matters a lot on Instagram to optimize your efforts. 

The smart ways for smart monetization include adding a call to action. This is your friend. Most of the Instagram users feel an urge to click on CTAs. When they click on it, their actions turn such leads into sales. Therefore, do not just post an appealing picture in your posts or add a link in your profile bio. You must also make sure that you add a CTA to the captions. 

This will get you more followers and get quality leads without being too aggressive or salesy. Just make sure that your CTA is creative, and you do not overdo it while using it. 

Focus on advertising

Last but not least, focus on ads to get more followers and also reach your ideal followers and target audience who are involved in this largest professional social network in the world. Create your ds in such a way so that it helps you to make business decisions as well as your followers to make buying decisions.

Ideally, carefully designed ads can influence the buying decisions of any average web audience, and at the same time, it helps in generating a massive amount of B2B leads. There are three simple steps to follow to create these ads. These are:

  • Creating a strategic campaign and balancing it with it
  • Using an ad manager, preferably of Facebook
  • Know your objective and follow it.

All these will help you to customize and streamline your ad campaign creation and help you to build your audience. Most importantly, it will make your business and Instagram account stand out from the crowd.

Author Bio –

Ariya Stark has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.