Safeguard Your System And Maintain Privacy With The Optimal Use Of Bitdefender Total Security 2019: Latest News

Starting from file encryption and ransomware protection, products come with the best defense in this industry. Each of them comes with proper malware protection along with light system impact. With the implementation of the newly upgraded Autopilot, you can easily navigate all. On the other hand, Bitdefender’s initial disk scan takes a lot of time and is not compatible with resisting specialized attacks just like the rival software.Bitdefender 2019 antivirusHowever, Bitdefender has many users owing to the lowest price, Antivirus Plus features, unbeatable protection features, performance as well as added features. Henceforth, it is considered to be one of the best choices when it comes to reasonable Windows antivirus software.

About the Antivirus Protection

Bitdefender’s malware protection is basically threefold. The file scanning engine triggers suspect code referred to as malware signatures, whereas a heuristic monitor controls the behavior of the file as well as it inspects the code. If any skepticism creeps up to the company’s server for analysis, resulting signatures get washed out several times on a daily basis. Browsing history, as well as other activities, are accumulated with suspicious files.

However, you seek for this data collection while you receive malware signature updates. You just have to switch off the Bitdefender’s security modules. Henceforth, it’s better to allow the Autopilot feature for managing these things. It includes movies, games, as well as work modes which disable the active scans or notifications automatically.

Safe Files helps to safeguard major documents from malware. The ransomware protection features help to keep a backup of the targeted files when the first impression is observed for ransomware behavior. Windows, desktops, video, music, etc are default protected. But you need to designate the surplus folders additionally.  If you insert a USB flash drive, Bitdefender will perform a thorough scan. In order to scan any file on the computer, just right-click on Windows Explorer. Moreover. You have the provision to shred or encrypt the item.

How Does it Work?

You can kickstart the quick scan from Bitdefender’s Dashboard Interface. However, to perform a thorough scan, you just need two clicks. You can run the scan anytime-nightly, weekly, or monthly or when you are not using the system. Moreover, if you witness a malicious virus which bogs down your PC, Bitdefender’s Rescue Environment will help you.

Simply, move to the link provided in the interface and press to restart the system in a specialized format of Linux. The program will perform the remaining task.

Antivirus Performance

Majority of the Bitdefender windows antivirus comes with same anti-malware technology, which is the best in this industry. The main protection is similar in all of them. According to the latest report, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus prevents 99% threat. Bitdefender helps in removing most of the malware. However, it fails to block some phishing websites.

There are some sites which were left unblocked, even when the malware they tried to provide stopped working. Bitdefender will help you to detect several threats which you cannot find out with the help of the web browser’s security settings.

Security as well as Privacy Features

Most of the Bitdefender paid products comes with a plethora of features comprising of anti-phishing protection, multi-layer ransomware defense, as well as new VPN client software. You will receive 200 MB of VPN data. It comes with a  password manager which works in collaboration with the company’s wallet’s browser extensions for IE, Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. You can create HTTP connection with the help of Safepay hardened browser.

Moreover, it also blocks add-ons as well as screenshots. There is a vulnerability scanner that examines the system to find out the flaws as well as missing software updates. Wi-Fi network scanner checks the home network to overcome the weak encryption as well as weak passwords.

Performance and System Impact

Bitdefender Total Security had a slight impact on the performance of the system. In order to examine the program’s impact, a custom benchmark test is conducted which covers 20,000 names as well as 20,000 addresses in an OpenOffice spreadsheet. Before the installation of the Total Security, OpenOffice performance benchmark takes around 6 minutes and 53 seconds to finish the process.

It increases up to 7:26 minutes after the installation of Total Security 2019. Moreover, this passive performance increase of 8% is greater than the free version of the Bitdefender Antivirus 5% decline. However, you will not be able to observe in case of a slight slowdown. The quick scan examine those files which are susceptible to malicious infections which takes merely 7.2 seconds to search 3,279 files.


The overall look, as well as feel of Bitdefender, has undergone a huge change in 2019. It permits a huge amount of customization as well as the provision of incorporating more information which earlier appears to be very clumsy. The dashboard puts up a shield with a green check mark which is safe as well as sound.

Apart from this, it also provides Autopilot recommendations and several links to the Quick Scan, VPN as well as Safepay browser. Also, you have the authority to add a surplus module in about 15 seconds time. In the left, you will find buttons which opens up the screen where you can easily customize Protection as well as Utilities (the optimizers and anti-theft protections). You will also find certain links for Notifications, My Account, and Support.

There is a separate settings section is where you can create Bitdefender act exactly the same way you wish to. Also, you can modify passwords, tug Bitdefender security widget, a proxy server or regulate the update checks. You can navigate the Task Tray icon and this will signify whether you are protected or not. You need to right click and then it will update the software. Also, you will view the virus definition details or you can open the Bitdefender Security Widget.

Installation and Support

To obtain Bitdefender Total Security 2019, you have to download and then execute 11.3MB beachhead installer which provides a fast system scan. After that, it fetches the 456MB main installer. It totally depends on you whether you wish to send Bitdefender systems report and then examine the email address. Next, you have to provide the product code. It takes almost around 8 minutes time considering all the individual modules.

Latest Version of Bitdefender Total Security: Enhance your Privacy and Secure Confidential Files

Bitdefender 2018 vs 2019  Windows antivirus comes with a surfeit of features to safeguard your PC comprising of protection from ransomware as well as all kinds of online threats in addition to files shredding and encryption, parental control and effective ways to optimize the performance of PC.

This article covers all the major features pertaining to Bitdefender Total Security that you can look upon in this current year. Therefore, start using the latest version of Bitdefender and secure your PC from unwanted threats.


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