Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration via FireBear Improved Import and Export

Magento 1 End-of-Life is approaching. If you’ve already prevented all risks caused by the event and transitioned successfully, we can no less than admire your business vision. In case you are still clinging to the system you’ve got used to, it’s high time for you to change the perspective.

Here, in the post, we’ll show why it is crucial to migrate now and provide some recommendations on how to do it properly in the shortest period of time.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

June 30, 2020 is a dreadful date for merchants who base their stores on Magento 1. This month Adobe stops supporting the platform and chooses to move on with the accumulated Magento 1 experience to contribute more to the ecommerce industry with Magento 2.

No official support means an inevitable decay for your store. You’ve already faced the consequences of an all-round decline among payment providers to work with Magento 1. And the problem is not the only one you’ll have to solve with the help of custom development services. 

Without regular security patches provided by the Magento team, your store is left open to any possible breaches. You have to spend tons of money simply to maintain a decent store performance. Unfortunately, search engines also know your store is not safe anymore, and this fact results in gradual position loss in search results. Search engines alert your customers from proceeding to your site. Thus, you lose both visibility and credibility of your business. 

Such issues are much easier to prevent than them to be treated afterwards. To save time and money you should consider migration from your Magento 2 store to any live ecommerce platform out there. And this post will help you to look directly at one of the options.

No wonder we’ve mentioned Magento 2 at the beginning. The platform is now infused with limitless Adobe investments which couldn’t help but result in constant growth. The team has laid the course on increasing the innovations implemented for improving merchants’ experience with the platform. And these factors alone are enough to tempt to join the Magento 2 users.

If you are still not impressed, we suggest you look at the numbers. More than 13% of online stores across the globe are built upon Magento 2. The platform is unrivaled in its rich functionality, and it has been proved by the vast community which enlarges Magento 2 possibilities with each passing day.

FireBear migration services

To transfer your store to Magento 2 without losses you’ll need the help of professionals. FireBear is a team that made a name in delivering high-quality services on Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, ERP/CRM/PIM integrations, dropshipping implementation, custom development, and business consulting

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations with FireBear are performed on the logic of Improved Import and Export — the leading data transfer software in the market. Using personalized database transfers as a migration method, the team focuses on full and highly accurate transition with minimum involvement from your side.

All in all, FireBear offers: 

  • Full-cycle data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Assisted migration of customizations, themes, and third-party software.
  • Fixed cost with no extra payments required.

With FireBear, you get fast and stress-free migration services. The team guarantees your data is transferred from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without losses and errors and stays fully accessible for your control.

Migration with Improved Import and Export

Exploring Improved Import and Export as the means for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, you find that full transition is not such a stressful matter when done by professionals with appropriate tools.

First of all, the extension is a powerful data management in itself with a focus on data transfers as Magento 2 enhancers. Built with a profound knowledge of the platform specifics, the tool assists you in routine automation, business expansion, and many more spheres with the highly configurable feature set. Apart from successful Magento 2 migration, Improved Import and Export excels in delivering seamless data synchronization, cross-platform integrations, omnichannel, etc.

The sneak-peak of the extension features you can find below:

  • Full or partial data transfers.
  • Manual and automatic (cron-based) data implementation and extraction.
  • Full Magento 2 entity support.
  • Import and export via REST and SOAP API, Google Drive, Google Sheets, FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox, files.
  • Support of CSV, XML, Excel XLSX, ODS, and Json (including ZIP and TAR) formats.
  • Attribute and category mapping tool.

FireBear also offers a free Magento 2 migration tool for you to try out the team’s migration services. The software and other tools aimed at enhancing your store you can find at the FireBear site.

Magento 2 and NetSuite ERP integration add-on

One of the FireBear tools that help to improve your ecommerce experience is the Magento 2 and NetSuite ERP integration add-on for Improved Import and Export. The functionality brings features of famous NetSuite ERP to Magento 2 users by means of seamless API synchronization.    

What you find within the software:


  • Bilateral API connection of NetSuite ERP and Magento 2. 
  • Full support of B2B and B2C entities.
  • CSV, XML, XLSX, ODS, Json, ZIP, and TAR file support.
  • Control over transferred data through mapping.


The Magento 2 and NetSuite ERP integration add-on allows you to increase your options in business management. Exploiting the specialized tools built in the ERP, you can automate your store lifecycle and boost overall business efficiency.

For more vital enhancers of your business routine visit the FireBear site.