LinkedIn message automation

LinkedIn social media platform is arguably the world largest business network. Many companies as well as individuals are using their LinkedIn network for difference purposes. These include marketing, recruitment, generation of leads, sales, to mention but a few.

linkedin social media

For those that have large number of contacts on their network, it will be difficult and time consuming to reach out to them all. As a result, they are hindered from getting the most out of LinkedIn. You can imagine the workload of sending connection requests to hundreds of thousands of people. This is one of the reasons why the use of LinkedIn messaging automation tools has gained more popularity in recent times.

LinkedIn message automation tools were created to enable users to automate tasks that they would be doing on LinkedIn.  Most of these tools are typically designed as browser extensions. Here are some of the benefits of using LinkedIn message automation.

  1. The use of LinkedIn message automation will allow you to: Inform more people in your connection about upcoming Events. Share and spread information about current promotions. Publicize company news such as new product offerings, additional locations and more.
  2. LinkedIn message automation also enables you to automate and personalize your connection strategy. You can personalize your message using names, job roles, geographical location, industry or company’s name. Personalized messages usually catch the attention of the recipients and it has higher chance of engagement. In fact personalizing is an effective marketing strategy on LinkedIn.
  3. You can mimic your behavior on LinkedIn using automation tools. There are features that enable you to configure the automation tool to act as an extension of your person. This put you in control of how the automation works – you can schedule activity and set daily limits just as you’ll typical do.

But be warned!

We have discussed the benefits of using LinkedIn message automation. It is also important to note that there are situations where and when you should not automate your LinkedIn activity. Be careful not send message to someone who is not in your contact and don’t exceed the safe usage limit.

The safe usage of LinkedIn message automation

The major concern about the use of automation tools is the risk of getting your LinkedIn account suspended or blocked. As most of these tools are designed to work against the terms and conditions, or policies of LinkedIn. But when used correctly, the tools can be used for lead generation and improve connections without the risk.

The safe usage of LinkedIn message automation tools means you don’t have to exceed your daily LinkedIn range. That is, you’re only permitted to view between 3.5% – 5% of your total connections daily. Anything beyond this you’re running the risk of your account been blocked or suspended.


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