Libra Profit System makes money by riding the crypto volatility that results from the news about the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency. The robot is said to consistently make a profit of $1000 per week from a deposit of $250. But is Libra Profit System legit and is can you make money trading with it?

InsideBitcoins has investigated Libra Profit System and revealed that it is legit. We ran a live test with a deposit of $250 and made $112 in 10 hours of trading. A review of users’ feedback confirms that most find Libra Profit System to be profitable.

This review presents facts about Libra Profit System and also tips to earn more through it. But before we get started, it is essential to note that like all trading robots,Libra Profit System comes at significant risk. Consequently, do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

What is Libra Profit System?

Libra Profit System is a news trading robot for the crypto market. As mentioned earlier, this robot makes money by riding on the crypto trends emanating from Libra announcements. You do not need any experience to trade with Libra Profit System. The robot runs on autopilot giving you time to do other things as your money works for you. Libra Profit System is your best bet if you are looking for a passive way to earn money online.

News trading involves the robot algorithm reading news from legit sources, including verified twitter accounts and acting before the markets. The robot can analyze thousands of news sources in a microsecond and automatically place trades. News trading is made possible by advanced technologies in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

You may be wondering what makes Libra Profit System generate such profits from a little deposit of $250. Firstly, the robot can place up to 10 trades in a minute, which means that it can take advantage of every opportunity that presents. Secondly, it operates under brokers who offer a leverage of up to 1:1000. Such leverage enables traders to place trades worth one thousand times their trading capital.

Consequently, the profits made through the bot magnify to that level. It’s worth noting that high leverage also increases losses and hence there is a risk of blowing up your trading account. As mentioned in the introduction, it is imprudent to trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

How does Libra Profit System work?

Libra Profit System makes money by speculating on crypto volatility that results from Libra announcements. For the record, Libra is a crypto that is set to be launched by Facebook in 2020. The news from the continuing development of this crypto has been causing massive volatility in the crypto market.

For instance, the initial announcement of Libra created a positive sentiment on Bitcoin, driving the price up by 50%. Two weeks later, the US congress criticized Libra, hence causing market jitters that drove the crypto markets down by 20%.

Since Libra announcement, the whole crypto market has been on a rollercoaster. The Facebook crypto is set to cause more volatility in the coming days as more announcements are made. Libra Profit System capitalizes on this volatility. The robot makes money in both rising and falling markets since it also applies short selling strategies.

Also worth noting, Libra Profit System has promised to keep its investors in the loop on the upcoming Libra Coin private sale. This means that those who sign up with this robot will be able to become early investors of Facebook cryptocurrency. You can save the money you generate with Libra Profit System and invest in the private sale as soon as it is announced.

Early investors of groundbreaking inventions such as Libra Coin often end up making millions in a few years from an investment of as little as $100. For instance, those who invested $100 in bitcoin in 2011 are now worth more than $2 million.