Know More About The SMTP Errors And The Ways By Which You Can Fix Them

Single Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is nothing but a standard email transmission system that is used over the internet. It was first introduced in the year 1982. And, since then, it’s continuously growing in the service of transferring emails. Multiple mail servers are out there that use SMTP as a medium in order to send and receive emails. In this entire process, the servers use the TCP port 25 as this medium. However, there are some proprietary systems who might use their own non-standard protocols as their mail transmission medium. However, there are some errors that might appear using the SMTP in your mail system. In this article, you are going to get a brief about the SMTP errors and different ways to fix them.

What Is An SMTP Error That Appears Frequently On The Mail Systems?

As one of the leading mail transfer protocols, SMTP comes with integrating a lot of flexibilities. But there might be errors with it that most of the users face while using it on their system. Sometimes, the SMTP server might throw an error with a particular message by which you can solve it. Usually, the problem might be very cryptic that appeared before you and return several error messages.

There might be several reasons why you faced the error but it mainly happens because of the server. Most of the time the email client that you are using has something wrongly set up in their outgoing mail servers. If there is a mistake in the input fields of the authentication window on that server. If there is a server error in your mailing system, you will probably get it because of the authentication process. Majority of the time, you encounter the errors with some three digit codes. The error also represents something that the server responds when someone is making a command to it.

What Is Ehlo SMTP?

Ehlo SMTP is nothing but a clause that is introduced by the enhanced SMTP mail servers to identify each other. Both the sending and the receiving server can identify and accept any name you give them. There is no need to verify the information that is about to be sent.

Understanding SMTP Error Codes

Different servers use different codes to inform about the error that occured in the system. It actually makes the whole thing a bit more complicated. And therefore, you need to know them very well. If you don’t know them, you cannot just solve them. There are the most critical error codes which appear with the 5xx series in SMTP.

Specifically, you will get too many error codes on the server that indicate what is it about. However, if you want to know about the errors of SMTP, then you can comprehend them from the section below.

Error Code 101 And 111

When you get the error code 101, it means that the server is unable to connect with the device you are using. As per the 111 is concerned, it happens because there was a problem in opening the SMTP stream.

Error Code 211, 214, 220, and 221

You might get a bunch of errors on your mail servers regarding the SMTP transmission with the 2xx series. The 211 is not actually an error code but more of a message that says something about the status of the server. Whereas the 214 is the response code that you will get from the help command.

After that, the code 220 means that the server is ready to perform any kind of mail transmission. When the 221 code appears, it means that the server is about to close the transmission channel it was using. It appears with the message like ‘Good bye’ or the ‘closing connection’ on your device to inform you about its action.

Error Code 250, 251, 252, and 354

250 is a typical side message that appears after there was a successful transmission of the email. In the case of 251, it appears because the recipient has no account on the specific server that you are using. The error code 252 means that the server is facing trouble to verify the user you are sending the email.

But, it will try to deliver the message anyway to the user even after the problem. The 354 is also another side message that can be cryptic at an extreme level. It is nothing but the typical response to the data command that a user fills in the input fields at the time sending an email.

Error Code 420, 421, 422, 431, and 432

If there was an issue during the message transfer, then the timeout error 420 appears on the SMTP mail servers. When there is an exceeded limit of simultaneous connection, you might get the 421 error. The 422 error appears in case the user has reached the storage limit of the mail server.

If there is no space available to receive any message, you will get the 431 error message. One of the side messages of the SMTP mail server is the 432 that frequently pops up on your system. Basically, it represents that the queue of the exchange server incoming mail has been stopped at the recipient’s end.

Error Code 441, 442, 447 and 449

In case the recipient’s mail server is not responding, you might face the error code 441. During the message transfer, if the connection was broken, then you will get the 442 error. When you will reach the maximum hop count, the 447 error might appear. As there was an issue connecting to the incoming server, the outgoing message might time out. And after all, if there was a routing error, then you will encounter the 449 on your system.

Error Code 450, 451, 452, and 471

The error 450 appears because of the corrupted mailbox that you have placed on the mail server. It also happens of the IP problems of your system. In case the ISP’s server encountered a connection error, then you will get the 451 appeared on your server. The 452 is another error code that pops up if a server has reached the storage limit. Due to a local spam filter, you might encounter the 471 error on your mail server.

Error Code 500, 501, 502, 503, and 504

When the server cannot recognize the command, it shows the 500 error back to the user. In case, there are errors in its parameters or the arguments of the command you made, you will find it with the error 501. The error 502 arises if the command is not implemented on the mail server to complete the task. Due to a sequence of bad commands, the server might encounter the 503 error. The 504 is also another error code which indicates that a command parameter is not implemented on the server.

Error Code 510/511, 512, 513, and 523

Corrupted email addresses are the main reasons behind the error code 510 and 511 of a mail server. Whereas, the 512 error pops up because there was a DNS error with the recipient’s domain. 513 indicates that the address type is incorrect and it happens due to address misplacing. The 523 is another error that appears when the storage limit exceeds on the mail server that you are using.

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Error Code 530, 541, 550, and 551

Normally an authentication problem is shown by the error code 530 on the server. If the recipient’s server rejects your message, then you will know it by the 541 error. In case the email address where you want to send the email doesn’t exist then you get the SMTP error 550. A relay can be interrupted if both the sender and recipient’s mail server are not hosted locally. So, you can know it with the error 551 on the server.

Error Code 552, 553, and 554

When you get the error 552 on your mail server, it usually means that the recipient’s mailbox cannot receive any further emails. If there is an incorrect input in the recipient’s line of email addresses, then it can cause the error 553. The error code 554 is a permanent issue that has made the transaction failed on the server.

Nevertheless, that’s all you need to know about the error codes that usually appear on the SMTP mail servers. You can easily recognize them with these error codes and get to the procedure to solve them.

How Do You Fix An SMTP Error Of The Email Server?

There are a few steps that you can follow in order to solve the error that you have encountered. You can easily do that by going to the account section of the email client. In this section, you will find several options, just go through the options and select the one that is causing the error. You can solve any error that appears here on the mail server if it’s from your side. According to the error code, you can solve it by the account settings.