Is Social Media usage of your Child bothering you? Know how you can protect your Kid’s Data and Privacy

In today’s era, when everyone is hooked to the World Wide Web, how can kids be left behind? The greater access to the internet has made sure that today’s kids are connected online with the whole world. It comes with its own set of challenges, though, particularly for parents.

An adult mind can understand the many dangers of social media, but a child is not matured enough to do so. They do not have the farsightedness to weigh the pros and cons properly before posting anything on social media. It can lead to adverse effects on their lives and that’s where come the control of Parenting Monitoring software.

Therefore it becomes the responsibility of every parent to teach their kids about the many dangers of social media.  

Tips for Parents to Look After the Social Media Usage of Their Kids 

The first and foremost thing that parents should teach their kids is to be more careful about the kind of posts they make on social media. The children must be made aware that once they post anything on the internet, it becomes available to the entire world, which is made up of both good and bad elements. 

The children must never post any information that gives scope to the bad elements on the internet to manipulate and use that information to malign their reputation. In this regard, it is extremely important to let your children the importance of protecting one’s privacy and parents using the Parental control apps and protect their child.

The problem with the social media or the internet, in general, is that the vulnerable lot like children can get easily enticed wrongly. This means they may get tempted to share unwanted personal information on a public forum like social media. It may be very harmful. 

  1. It is advisable to keep the computer in a common area of the home. By doing so, parents can make sure that they can keep on watch on the online activity of their kids. It will also deter children from abusing their privacy and watching any kind of fake social media videos.
  2. One of the most important duties of a parent is to limit the number of hours kids spent on the internet and protect them from common internet threats. Children should not be wasting too much time on social media instead of utilising their time and energy to learn important life skills.
  3. Parents should ideally set a fixed time frame each day for their kids to spend time online. It is imperative that out of peer pressure kids will be eager to join the social media. But as parents, you must make sure that you have access to their account credentials.
  4. As is the case for adults, children are vulnerable to imposters. Therefore parents must take extra care that they are always beware of imposters on the internet. It is always advisable to cross-check the authenticity of any person before befriending him or her on the worldwide web. 

Tispy Parental Control Software is the one-stop solution for ‘online parenting’ 

Tispy is a trusted name in providing the world’s foremost phone monitoring application which is custom made to provide safety to kids. Tispy specializes in premium parental monitoring software and applications.

There are lots of It is one application which should be right on top of the must-have list items for every parent. No one can predict how the negative influence of the internet can impact a child. At the same time, it is impossible to isolate anyone from the internet. There are lots of Mobile Apps marketplace where kids attract to download their apps & games among them some are goods & some are bad so you need to block that type of websites. TiSPY Parental control will do that for you easy & effectively.

It is in this context the Tispy Parental Control Software which allows parents to keep a watch on the activities of their children on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others. 

It means parents can rest assured that they know what kind of influence their kids are exposed to on social media. A lot can be gauged from the way a person spends time on Facebook or Twitter. Tispy’s parental guide software is designed to monitor such activity and keep parents updated about their kids’ social media activities. 

User-Friendly Kids Monitoring

Further Tispy Parental Control Software is very user-friendly,and information like the websites a kid has visited is easily made available to parents in a click of the mouse. All you need to do is install the Tispy Parental Control Software on your kid’s mobile phone. 

There is Tispy portal where all the relevant information from the phone’s mobile app is sent to parents. The biggest advantage of the software is that one can access it anytime, anywhere to monitor and control the kid’s phone. 

Multiple Features 

The Tispy Parental Control Software comes with a host of features like it allows viewing call logs, time and date of telephone calls made besides allowing parents to access the phone book. It also comes with a feature to block unwanted contacts. 

Besides, it allows real-time monitoring of the phone’s location through GPS. Apart from that, you can restrict or prevent your kid from loitering into unwanted places through the Geofencing feature.  Tispy Parental Software gives 24×7 alerts which are probably the most assuring thing for any parent.