Is SEO worth it? 7 common concerns on the value of SEO


The era is digital marketing. All the businesses are busy to bring their offline stores online and increase the traffic of the customers. For the same, various tools are available in the market. Whether you run solo or work with some digital organization, SEO is the most vital tool to learn and use. Still, after quite a period of reach, the question persists about the sustainability and utility of SEO. So, are there any concerns related to the value of SEO? Is SEO worth it? The answer is Yes, there are.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you carry or how diligent you are, but when it comes to SEO, then yes there will be some hiccups and roadblocks. These will raise the question of Is SEO worth it and we will be needed to find the answers to it. Some of them are like

  • Angry clients.
  • Website malfunctions.
  • SEO campaigns with no results.
  • Internal issues 
  • Logistical dilemmas.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically; related to the learning and gaining of skill to increase the quality as well as the quantity of traffic on the website. The aim is to get the free, organic, natural, and editorial traffic which is really unpaid. The target is to grow the business or the site positively. So, we can break this definition into three main parts:

  • Quality of Traffic
  • Quantity of Traffic
  • Organic Result

7 common concerns on the value of SEO

Once we know what SEO is, let us find why the question, ”Is SEO worth it?” arises.

1. Spammy traffic or drop in traffic 

It is when a site with no link to your site sends you referrals. The traffic so generated is spammy and not worth your site. These referrals are not actual visitors but are bots. These bots are generated by some webmaster tools that show an instant increase in the Google Analytics data, which is incorrect. Also, sometimes due to seasonal trends or holidays the visitors may face a dip. But if the dip is more of flat-lined, then there is something seriously wrong going on with the analytics that needs to be checked. In either of the situations, the worthiness of the SEO is highly questioned.

2. Duplicate or repeated content

Content is king in digital marketing. To reach out to potential clients, eye-catchy and attractive content is a must. Also, the content you write may be similar to others, which can make the content duplicate and repetitive. The problem mainly arises when multiple versions of the same URL offer the same content to the search engine bots. This can lead to poor visitor count. So, it is necessary to ensure quality content over quantity.

3. An expensive and long process

The amount of time and money that is required to be spending on SEO is quite high. The strategic SEO is quite expensive, but it also reaps the rewards. Also, the real benefits of SEO cannot be seen in a day or two, but it needs months or rather say 6 months. This time and cost raise quite a few questions, but still, the SEO is quite worthy.

4. Speed problem

The speed refers to the time taken by the page to load the content. The speed not only enhances the experience but also brings down a site’s operational costs. The better the performance of the site, the better will be crawlers as well as visitors. This will result in better results. Also, even after a lot of optimization, the opportunity to optimize more is always there, leading to this backdrop.

5. Staying updated

Digital marketing or SEO is all about staying updated about the latest trends and versions. The version you work on today, might not be the same the coming day. So, the time invested in using the tools can go in vain, if the same is not accepted. So, for better worth and utility, SEO becomes a bit questionable.

6. Lack of knowledge or developer

You indeed know your business better. But it doesn’t mean that you can design the website and implement SEO as well in a better manner. So, the need here is to share the data of the business to the SEO professional to assist him to build. In case of any incorrect data inputted or keyword selected, the traffic will turn out to be wrong, which is again a concern.

7 Paid search or advertisement

It is a type of PPC which is highly attractive and worthy. If done correctly, the results will be quickly reflecting traffic and visitors. Also, the paid search efforts are only as good as the time they are running. So, as compared to SEO the results are quick. The result from the well-managed SEO is way better and real when compared to other tools.


SEO is a vast field with a lot of opportunities. Is SEO worth it is a question that will always be there. It doesn’t matter whether the issues with the SEO are few or many, but what is more important is how to tackle it. Once you are aware of these backdrops and loopholes, you can work on the betterment of the same. So, it is better to look at these issues differently and try to get a solution for them rather than dropping them away. The SEO professional is always there to help you out and to make sure that the SEO is worth your budget and time. So, don’t think a lot, just get the SEO tool activated for your business.