Importance of Using an App Website to Promote Your App

You may have created the best mobile apps that anyone could ever imagine to keep themselves fit. It could be a fitness tracker, a diet planner, or anything else new to the market, but your innovative ideas may be futile if you cannot reach the needed traffic among the millions of others apps in Google Playstore.  

What makes an app more successful in terms of number of downloads and uses? Yes, functionality, benefits, ease of use, and design—these are common goals for every app developer. Besides, there is nothing more important than promoting your apps to seek its sustainable success over time. 

How do you gain more popularity for successive downloads among users? People often try social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more with vibrant photos and distinct offerings. In addition, app store optimization, building public relations, and celebrity endorsement are common strategies of an app promotion.

What is the most effective and simplest option to promote apps? A website can be the best option to create the perfect brand awareness especially when you are starting a campaign for the very first time. People always Google apps before downloading to check whether it is authentic or not.  

Create Website for Apps

Building a website is no easy feat, but you can purchase domain and hostings from popular websites like You have hundreds more options online to pick such a service. Furthermore, you need to design your websites to make them more consumer responsive. 

To give your website a professional look, you can hire web developers or use services from web development companies like Neon Rain Interactive. They can help customize your design and make it responsive for both iOS and Android systems. This can bring more engagement and popularity to your apps.

There are different categories of websites where you can try marketing your apps. They are:

  1. Landing page
  2. Landing page and blogs
  3. Pre-launch website
  4. Post-launch website

Let’s find more about these marketing strategies where you can use a website to promote your apps.

  1. Landing Page

The landing page is one single page where you educate your consumers about the product. There can be demonstrative videos, highlighted offers and benefits of that app, and the app’s market value for consumers. The landing page is created primarily for targeted lead generation. 

Landing pages normally have an email box where a potential consumer can input his or her email address for further information about the product and so you can get to know who the interested customers of your product or services are. If you follow up with direct emails, then the  conversion scales up quickly. Also, you can create a sales funnel and connect it to the landing page for more targeted conversion such as the app download. 

  1. Landing Page and Blogs

This is a more advanced version of the landing page where you add blogs to provide your information and real-time experience with your apps. It’s more like storytelling what people experienced using this app and the different prospects of your apps.

People always have questions before doing something new. Find out what questions they have and answer them through blogging. It’s a great way to clarify confusions, and it earns your consumers trust in website marketing. 

  1. Pre-launch Website

A pre-launch website is a great way to create anticipation and excitement to catch the hype of the market. You can create a landing page with a countdown and short demo of what you are launching in upcoming days. Make it colorful and add email marketing to catch more people’s curiosity. 

If your apps have any offers, show them to consumers in your pre-launch site. Make them realize that you are unique and that your consumers come first. To bring more engagement and customer loyalty, offer coupons online where you can make discounts or even free subscriptions for a month to try your service or app. 

  1. Post-launch Website

The post-launch website is more important for its regular updates and added features since beta testing. With your post-launch website, it’s time to create some pop-up banners and try some cross-marketing on different social media platforms to expand your market. Also, this is a platform to redesign with any updates based on consumers’ feedback and needs. Keep your focus on your users and nurture them with regular updates. Try to convert more loyal users through your services.

Try SEO for Your Websites

There might be hundreds of similar apps that provide the same service as you. They can even apply similar strategies like building websites and promoting apps to target customers, but if you cannot rank higher on the Google search page, then all of your efforts will be in vain. 

Your competitors will skim the most targeted traffic, and your business will be doomed in no time if you are not one of the first websites. To fight these hurdles, you must SEO your website for better Google ranking. For successful SEO, you should analyze the market and competitors with paid tools such as Ahref, SEMRush, and Google Keyword planner. 

You can try basic backlinks like social media platforms, profile backlinks, blog commenting, and forum posting, but, there is no good alternative of high-quality backlink like guest post link building. For that, you can hire guest post services like the Hoth, Fatjoe, or One Little Web to help rank higher on Google. 

Market Research and Development

One of the key secrets behind website development and app download service is market research. You must try to know what your competitors are doing. What are the promotional offers they used to grab consumers’ attention? What are the keywords they used to integrate more targeted traffic to their landing page? 

The more you research, the more you can develop your market. You might have the best feature apps of all but are struggling to find pace in different devices. These are the areas that you must account on high note and keep developing your website and apps.

Try Offline Promotion of your Website

The last thing that you can try is building offline promotions for public brand awareness and engagement to your websites. If your website is promoting food-related apps, then you can promote your websites to different restaurants. Try to connect with restaurant owners and launch your promotion for more attention. 

Other than that, you can try newspaper ads or TV ads to allure more targeted consumers and force them to search it online for real benefits. Celebrity endorsements often work great in driving more traffic to your site and hence more successful downloads.  

Final Verdict

You just cannot make your apps popular overnight. To gain popularity and success, you must plan well and run a long term campaign. Building a website is one of the best marketing solutions in promoting apps and maximizing your income quickly.