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Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a thriving business tycoon, whether you own a small scale bakery or are the CEO of a company, whatever it may be, your business needs to be promoted. Thus, every business has a designated marketing team. Marketing teams are for the sole purpose of promoting your venture and making it known to others so that you can sell your product and services. It carries out research for you and takes your word to the audience, whether it be target customers or anybody you can reach.

Marketing is a large scale job, so naturally, it comes with a lot of options to carry out your job. There are a lot of ways to do marketing for your company. It is ranging from internet marketing, direct selling to paid media advertising and print marketing. Print marketing focuses on the importance of printing in marketing. Print marketing is new in; from printing Sydney to other local presses. Here is the importance of printing in marketing.


Having a business may mean a lot of incoming bills, but that is not the case for everyone. Even if it, there is nothing wrong with saving money and making cost-effective decisions. Decisions like these show that you are book not only smart but also street smart . print marketing is much cheaper than internet marketing. 

A huge reason for this is that print marketing isn’t opted by many these days. This makes it less in demand, so naturally, their prices have dropped. Printing a brochure or many via a printing press is far cheaper than printing one in your own office.


Using printing in marketing does not mean what you are imagining. It does not mean standing in front of a person and drawing them what you want on a piece of paper. It does not mean you are sweating over a simple job and struggling to make the other person what exactly you want. It does not mean hassle to put your vision to a piece of paper.

Printing companies are not what they used to be once upon a time. They, too, have changed their game. They have created online platforms and interfaces for the customer to interact with. It is now possible to simply create the ideal brochure you want to get printed online using art tools and different online tools. Most companies offer you to make an account online, draw what you want and submit your artwork.  You put in the number of articles you want the per product and its exact dimensions and the type of paper to be used. You put all of this information and leave the rest to the printing company. Now you just have to wait for a box full of brochures delivered to your doorstep. Thus, printing has a huge role in being user-friendly and manageable in the world of marketing. It also provides you with fast results and is very efficient.


You need to realize that you are not the only one in this game. You would have a lot of competition as you might not only have a marketing team. There are hundreds of people in the same field, and all of them are working towards the same goal, which is why you need to be the best in the market.

Now it is common sense that what one remembers is what stands out in a crowd. You will always remember the one in that red dress in a sea of all black. Thus, you need to stand out in the sea of a thousand marketing people. About 80% of the people in the market promote their business via internet marketing and online visual aids. You know this too. You get so many promotional emails and ponder over so many advertisements for a bunch of things that you start muting them out of your mind. You just glance at something, frown and either delete that mail or move it to the junk drawer. What one remembers, however, is a specific brochure they get. This raises brand awareness. The feeling of actually holding a brochure and reading it while being attracted by its colors and designs creates a lasting impression in one’s mind. This allows people to remember your brand for a long period of time. Thus, your brand name is promoted.


This is something that readers will get. You know the feeling of the reading book in paperback or hardback, and then you know the feeling of reading an e-book on your phone, laptop or Kindle. What is better? Definitely the paperback or hardback book. Why? Because it comes with the feeling of touch. You feel connected to what you are reading because you can actually feel it and experience its true magic. You get to hold the book tight when you are reading something intense and scary. You get to shed tears on the pages where your favourite character dies. You just get to live the whole experience.

This is what comes with printmaking. You get to give that beautiful experience to whoever your audience it. the feeling of the customers actually reading about your product and holding a pamphlet in their hands is far better than reading something that only lives inside of a screen. If your product is liked by the customers, then they might even pin that pamphlet on their refrigerator’s door. This is far better than starring an email or adding an advertisement to the favorite’s or bookmarks’ bar. This would mean you are walking upon the pamphlet a couple of times every day and would again, create a lasting impression. Printmaking also means that your promotion would be long-lasting. When you use the internet for promotion, whatever you create is not always very long-lasting. Such as you might not always be able to play an advertisement for a very long time. However, a hardcopy can be around for a very long time. 


Marketing is a tool with what you can reach great heights and take your company along with you. It is a tool that attracts the audience, and no business is anything without its clientele. Your clientele is what gives your business its name and its fame and makes it something. Thus, make the right decisions when it comes to marketing. Choose to print in your marketing. It has a lot of perks and can totally change your game. Thus, do your research and be smart about it. try to be different and stand out. Good luck.