Importance Of Cloud Backup Solutions For Online Data Storage Along With High-Level Encryption

Data loss is quite a common issue for most PC, laptop and mobile users and this is why backup tools came into the picture for immediate recovery option. Often, you end up losing valuable data just because you never opted for any backup software. Also, customers may not be aware of effective computer backup services, which can recover data easily for them. In this article, you will come across a few essential questions that users ask regarding online backup. It will also cover the importance of cloud storage in backing up and recovering data during the time of technical issues.

best free cloud backup service

Also, if you want to know which online backup tool will be best for your computer, keep reading this article. Here, you will also come across best free cloud backup service and its features regarding data protection. So, let’s start with the importance of online data backup options while handling valuable files on your PC or web server.

Why Backing Up Data Is Important For Users?

While working on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, many times the issue of data loss can occur out of the blue. Unfortunately, there are not many signs to detect this problem of file deletion beforehand. However, in most cases, the data can get erased after crashing of system software or serious corruption in the hard drives.

The issue can also arise if there is severe malware or virus attack on your PC, which leads to data loss. So, even if you consult any technician to provide instant cloud backup solutions, there is a fifty-fifty chance of successful recovery. Hence, in order to assure that your data is completely safe and secure irrespective of the device’s condition, you need to back up your files.

Also, if there are threats due to third-party software or ransomware, you may end up losing data permanently. So, it can attack your files and put encryption on it. There can be serious attempts to force you for paying them in order to decrypt those data without any assurance. Hence, to deal with such situations and ensure data protection, you need to back it up properly.

Should You Trust Online Backup With Your Valuable & Confidential Data?

There are many customers who aren’t sure about getting professional help from data backup services. One of its major reason is due to lack of proper knowledge regarding the services for online data backup. So, if you have this question “is online backup secure?”, you should go through the following points for the answer.

Reasons To Choose Online Backup For Your Data

When you select online data backup services from a reliable source, it can protect your data using multi-layered security features. This will assure the users that their files are stored with high-level encryption in the online server. Also, if they want to send it somewhere or share data with trusted people, it will take place over a secure environment. Now, to understand the reasons for selecting online data backup, let’s discuss its advantages first.

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Enhanced Safety

In case you save your important files locally, they are prone to deletion due to several hardware or software issues. Mostly, it can happen due to sudden hard drive failure, fire burns, viruses, theft, natural calamity or any other incidents. So, if you don’t choose an effective backup method, you may never retrieve your valuable data. Hence, with the online backup process, it helps in backing up your files and store them in remote storage or server.

Data Encryption

If you choose the best computer backup services for backing up important data, they will provide end-to-end encryption for data. So, you can have this guarantee that the data can be sent securely and without any possibility of hacking. Also, it will ensure that no data is lost even if the backup server is down due to technical problems.

Reliable Backup

Whatever agency you select, they offer an offsite backup solution along with online data backups. Hence, the data storage and retrieval take place in the presence of a firm with a reliable track record.

Multiple Storage Locations

Online data backup companies make use of multiple servers, which locates in various geographic regions. So, when you go for online backups, the professionals will store your data on additional hard disk on different servers. Hence, you can take advantage of data duplication in a safe connection to ensure proper backup.

Why Businesses Are Looking For The Best Cloud Storage Backup For Backing Up Data?

Nowadays, many consumers and leading organizations are relying on cloud-based storage for protecting their professional and personal data. So, cloud backup can provide you with a secured server, data center, encrypted hard drive, and uninterrupted connectivity. This platform or online server acts as reliable and safe storage for owners who wants to store data with top-class online backup.

The strategy of cloud backup involves creating a backup for data by storing its copy over a proprietary network to a remote or off-site server. Usually, these servers are hosted and maintained by a third-party offsite backup solution provider for data backup. You may find many cloud backup agencies that offer free storage for a certain amount of data. However, to explore the premium features of online backup and to store more capacity of data, it offers monthly or yearly membership plans.

The cloud backup services provide the users to create a backup for their data directly to the cloud server. Also, you may ask a service provider to create backups using the data centers at different geographic locations. Online backup allows the customers to opt for cloud-to-cloud backup for their data. Hence, if you don’t want to keep important files on any physical hard drive, cloud storage can be an alternative option.

If you want to know what is the best cloud storage backup? you can check out a few names in the following section.

What Are The Best Free Cloud Backup Services In The Market?

If you consider cloud backup for your data, it can offer you multiple advantages. There are many data backup solutions that can provide affordable cloud storage along with an offsite copy of the files. So, you must always look for the product that allows the users to access data anytime and anywhere on the cloud server. Hence, to know what is the best free cloud backup service? follow the options below. Most of these cloud storage services are compatible on Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, OS X and most of the browsers.

Google Drive

Free storage up to 15 GB data.

Paid membership starting from £1.59/month to  £239.99/month.


Individual files within 250 MB capacity and overall 10 GB data storage for free.

At £7/month, it offers a storage capacity of 100 GB along with 5GB individual file size.


Free storage of 5GB but, 1 TB for student community & Office 365 users.

Membership of  £1.99/month, £5.99/month or £7.99/month for 50 GB, 1 TB or 5 TB data.

Apple iCloud

Offers 5 GB free storage or 79 p/month for 50 GB data.

At £2.49/month, £6.99/month or £13.99/month, you can get 200 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB cloud storage.

To learn about more free cloud storage options, you can consult a reliable cloud service provider to ask the details. If you ask them which online backup service is best? they can suggest you a suitable product.


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