How to Track Stolen and Lost Windows PC & Laptop Location?

People traveling around the world are usually at the risk of losing their laptops. In another case, your office might not be too secure as you think. So, the PC GPS Location tracking app or software can always help you keep track of its location. You don’t want to take this risk with your confidential information and we get it. So, it is better to be safe than regret losing your precious information in the hand of a thief. We introduce you the software TheOneSpy. It is not just an ordinary free app that will put you in danger by granting access to anyone’s system. You can trust it to clear your doubts. Now, if you want to ensure the safety of the laptop/PC, or want to whereabouts of your kids – you are good to go. 

This monitoring software has a lot in the box than the PC GPS location tracking. However, you can always get access to the camera and know who is using it. On the other hand, you can track the data too through the control panel. In short, you can have control over the system even after the loss. The software has the feature of tracking the GPS location which makes it easy to know where the laptop is and how you can reach to get it back. 

Get started by installing the application

Safety comes with a price and so as this software. You need to install it from the official website. Once you get the email of instructions along with the credentials. You will need physical access to the target device. So, get your hands on it and activate the application by following the given instructions through an email. While you are installing and activating the software in a system, they will ask you to keep it hidden from the user. If you don’t want to be known for your existence, make it hidden. Later, you can access the GPS of the system and track down the location. 

Methods to track down the Location through TheOneSpy

There are way many methods to perform a single job and wise people always keep their options by their side. Similarly, when it comes to the smartness of the application, it gives you multiple options to protect your information and track the location as soon as possible. 


  • GPS Location: You can access the location of the system either by the pinpoint location-real time or by the present location. 
  • GPS tracking: It allows you to track location through maps, or you can also mark safe and prohibited areas for the laptop. So, if someone is taking your system out of the premises, you would be alarmed. 


Working of the feature 

If you want to ensure safety, make sure that the laptop is always connected to the internet. So, whenever someone will on the system, you will have an easy way to track the exact location of it. The feature of TheOneSpy is quick to use, just tap the location tracking and follow the process to know the location. 

You can see that this one software is not giving people anything to get worried. We understand that parents may have difficulty in dealing with the technology at the time. That is the reason we make every feature simple and accessible to you. You can drill down into the features as per your choice. It is the way for parents to know if their children are in trouble or maybe the business managers can get the idea of what their employees are up to. So, in all cases, the software is nothing but great help. This one feature is providing a lot more than a person needs to find their lost laptop/ Windows PC. 


Moreover, if you still want to sure about the accuracy of the system and how the features work, they will show you a demo. The application is worth your chance to spy or monitor on any windows system in your use, employees are using or your children. Set your motive of spying clear and you will have access to all the features of TheOneSpy including PC GPS Location tracking. So, before it gets too late to take action, do it now.