How to Pick the Best SEO Company for Your Business


Digital business is quite competitive, with several companies promising to offer the best services. It may be quite confusing, placing your finger on the company that will lead to relevant and dedicated clients to your business.

The best SEO companies in digital companies understand the nuts and bolts of digital marketing and offer exceptional professionalism to give cutting-edge in the digital market space.  Use the following fire-tested qualities to hire an SEO company.

1. Experience and Professionalism

The longer a company has been in business, the more refined and experienced it becomes. Find a company that has experience in the field of your interest. Such a company will employ exemplary SEO campaigns and results, thus, placing your firm among the best in your niche.

Experience means that the agency has a wealth of knowledge both in the local and international markets.

2. Ask for examples of previous client examples

Request for samples of websites that the SEO company has optimized and the keyword rankings achieved for their former clients. You may ask for the most recent samples to give you a feel of their updated results, say a year. If they give you what they did a few years ago, they may no longer be relevant in the market.

To get even better results, ask for case studies of firms similar to the services you are offering. Their goals may likely be close to what you’re looking for in your brand. However, beware that the sample website may not have utterly identical goal conversion as you do.

It is imperative to know that results can take various forms. If the SEO company is excellent in rankings but has no lead in conversion in actual sales, they may not be working with the big picture in mind.

Whereas traffic and rankings are major SEO performance indicators, they may be void if they do not translate to an actual increase in sales. The SEO company may not provide details of the case because of confidentiality issues, but they can provide you with share percentages growth.

3. Think beyond SEO

An SEO firm that major in conversions and actual sales are likely to be refined in conversion optimization. First, your brand’s website should register significant traffic. Then, continually improve the website to obtain possible leads and sales from the traffic.

Conversion optimization is an essential feature of an advanced SEO campaign. So, ensure the agency has a strong track record and knowledge for converting incoming site traffic to sales percentages.

4. Beware of the downs associated with low-cost agencies

There are risks associated with low-cost SEO companies. First, the agency may not deliver the desired results. Additionally, the SEO agency may create long-lasting damages to your website that may require more resources to repair. This counters the massive savings you had intended to achieve when you hired them.

The company may damage your site with poor writing content, using shady link building practices, and more. Such practices may compromise your website for years. Beware that Goggle extends a penalty if your website registers a significant decline in traffic. This, in turn, hurts your ranking in search engine optimization.

5. Visit the SEO company if possible

If the SEO agency is within your reach, you can pay a visit and have a firsthand experience of what they do. If the company is legit, they should be comfortable to have you visit them.

Outsourcing an SEO company is choosing an extension of your brand. Meeting a business partner in person is always good because it helps in building a bond. The SEO company will be able to understand you and relate to your business model.

Meeting the SEO company personnel in an initial meeting helps create a rapport and gives you peace of mind that you have the best team working for you. The team should comprise various members specializing in multiple fields such as content development, land page creation, link building, design, and more.

You can further ask what each of these experts does to give you a feel of what to expect. Meeting with the SEO team allows you to build a working relationship with crucial business partners in your brand.

6. Watch out for those promises

Be wary when the deal seems too good. And as the saying goes, think twice if the SEO company gives you too good an offer that beats the market standards.

It is not possible to predict where search engines will place your website once optimization is done. This is because search engines are unpredictable in how they choose the top website. So, no one knows how yours will be placed above others in your field.

One last thought

Finding the best SEO company for your brand should not be your primary goal. Instead, seek to find one that focuses on your goal and business model.