How To Find A Long Lost Friend?

If you are trying to find your long lost friend at the moment then know that this is totally normal and common because right now almost every other person is trying to do the same thing and some just deep inside wish to somehow meet their long lost friends again. The point is that if you are here reading this article then it is but very obvious that you are trying to make an effort to get in touch with your friends instead of just sitting idle and wishing that they somehow text you from somewhere.


Speaking of making an effort, we all are very lucky to have the internet and to live in the digital era because honestly, the internet has a solution to any problem that you name. For instance, if you ask someone about the first thing they do when they have a question in their mind or if they want some information on a particular topic, you will probably get the answer “I refer to Google” and well this is something that almost everyone in the world will say to you. Google is like a best friend for people of this age. You want an answer to a question, you just Google it!

However, when it comes to finding your long lost friend, there are plenty of other things you can do too. For example;

1- Social Media

Use social media to find your friend and you will probably get your desired results because right now almost everyone is using social media. Most importantly, try Facebook, for this, you just need the name of your friend and once you type it on the Facebook’s search engine, you will have his account pop open right on your screen (if he uses social media).

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If this doesn’t work then just head to Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platform. Try different names, if you have the contact number then that’s a plus and if you know his area code then try that too. Just make sure to plug all the information you have on these search engines if you are serious about finding your friend.

2- Use Google

As said earlier, Google is the best place to head to when you are in search of a person. Especially if it’s a famous person that you are trying to get in touch with or if your friend has good online visibility then yes, you will probably get all his information on Google. For this you again need to try with the name then the contact number then the area code and if it’s a brand that your friend is running then simply search with the brand name to get the results you are expecting.

3- People Search

There are plenty of people search websites out there like and honestly, if you are looking for a  hassle free way to find your friend then just refer to these websites and try them. We promise you that just with a little effort you will have the results on your screen. Just make sure to verify the results once a website shows you some information about your friend because some of these people search websites are fake too and finding the legit ones is a little hectic but it’s worthy of the results.


These are some of the best ways to find a long lost friend. Use any of these methods and with a little effort, you will get successful. It’s just that you need to be patient with this process and struggle till you find your friend without losing hope.