How to back up data from an iPhone with a broken screen?

The second between dropping an iPhone and picking it up feels like Judgment Day because you never know what the damage is going to be. Is your iPhone’s screen broken? Then the first thought is about all the data that requires backup. Since you might not be able to operate it anymore, it is essential to access and store the data in the phone before you give it up for repair.

Here are a few ways you can store data from your damaged iPhone after cracking the screen –

  • Using a “trusted” computer

Do you remember connecting your iPhone to a computer you have used before? Did you hit the “Trust” button on your iPhone while connecting? If you have done that, this is going to be easy for you!

You can connect to iTunes on the trusted computer and perform a data backup before going in for repairs. Here’s what you exactly need to do –

  • Go to the updated iTunes on your computer and set up the connection with your iPhone.
  • Select the iPhone icon on the top left, and you will be able to access the screen below.
  • In the “backups” section go to “this computer” and select “backup now” for initiating the data backup from your damaged iPhone.

Depending on how much data you have, your backup process should take around a couple of minutes. Any service center for iPhone screen repair Orlando should be able to guide you with data backup as well.

  1. Perform manual backup for unpaired iPhones

Unless you have a “trusted” computer, you will not be able to back your data up in the process we have described above.

Here’s what you have to do to back up on a device you have never used before –

  • Use a USB keyboard to unlock your iPhone. You can do that by entering the password using the keyboard. You may have to try multiple keyboards before one works.
  • The next step is a little challenging since you have to “trust” the device on your iPhone, but you cannot connect two keyboards simultaneously to your phone. At this step, you need to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone. It will only work when you have Siri enabled. Turn on Voiceover and navigate across the options through keys.
  • Next, plug in the iPhone into the device using a USB cable. Trust the computer through your Bluetooth keyboard and opt for backing up your iPhone.

You should remember that this method only works if you have enabled Siri and you have an active network. You should take your iPhone to a repair shop in Orlando in case you fail to perform the backup.

The next process is useful for those, who have never trusted a computer on their iPhone before. Additionally, it allows the user to select more than one data type. This process enables the selection or deselection of multiple fields. It offers more options and flexibility as compared to the first method.

A broken screen might seem like a nuisance, but it can deter your access to valuable data including contacts from the workplace and essential messages. Storing the data from your iPhone after a mishap can help you use them irrespective of the condition of your phone.