How Can You Eradicate The aswbIDSagent Process From Your Task Manager

Have you ever wondered and detected the reason for the drainage of system resources? Let me make it easier for you and introduce the culprit: awsbIDSagent. And here, I will show you how to remove the aswbIDSagent process from your Task Manager.

Now, the next question that arises in your mind is “What is it?”. A virus? Well, not exactly. But, yes, it can slow down the system.

This article renders plentiful information encompassing its features and the reason for its drainage of the system resources. Therefore, continue reading each of the sections that this piece holds.

All your inquiry has answers.

aswbIDSagent: What is it?

aswbIDSagent is, basically, a Service of Avast Identity Protection. Also, it acts as a behavior shield in case you have any reason to temporarily disable the service. So, it is an operation of the behavior shield.

Now, this leads to answer the second question that is running in your mind right now: about Behavior Shield. It is a new proactive protection feature which aims to keep users secure and safe from foreign and unknown malware.

But, the presence of this file can make the system extremely slow and thereby trigger a sense of annoyance in you. Therefore, users seek help with how to remove the aswbIDSagent process from your Task Manager.

This article possesses the solution to treat the aswbIDSagent.exe file. Also, you’d find this piece holding plenty of information regarding the main concern. So much that you won’t require to seek answers somewhere else.

Each and every section holds the necessary fundamentals and the questions that you seek answers to.

About Avast

Not all antivirus programs come only when purchased. Avast Antivirus is a free application which is available strictly for domestic or non-commercial purposes.

The software lends the services of an antivirus program which possesses anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-malware, automatic updates, a Home Network Security Scanner, automatic updates DeepScreen, HTTPS scanning, and so much more.

It is compatible with Android, MacOS as well as Microsoft Windows. The cybersecurity firm is located in Prague, the Czech Republic which develops antivirus program for a global consumer for global use and corporate market.

Moreover, for 1.3 billion US dollars, Avast incorporated the technology of AVG and dominates the market of cybersecurity which holds 400 million users.

A Few More Words About the aswbIDSagent

The aswbIDSagent appears if the system holds a free version of Avast anti-virus. How? I have answers to that as well.

Avast has incorporated the Behavior Shield or the behavior analysis of AVG. it scans for programs which are running and aims to protect it from ransomware, zero-second threats as well as other malware.

And when the system has Avast installed, you tend to witness the Service of Avast Identity Protection with the operation name aswbIDSagent running under the Tab of Processes in the Task Manager.

However, the presence of the aswbIDSagent.exe file can consume and drain large system resources which makes the computer extremely sluggish. And this is when you’d search for ways on how to remove the aswbIDSagent process from your Task Manager.

You’d require to do this to stop the process in order to distribute the resources to the other essential programs which you cannot run.

Therefore, head to the following sections to know more!

How is the Behavior Shield Functional?

It is specially devised for common users. When you enable the Behavior Shield, it keeps the system safe and away from malware.

Less tech-savvy users tend to download malicious files unintentionally, obviously. Moreover, they tend to enter suspicious websites which have the potential to access your computer and inject malware which becomes an epidemic growth.

Avast Identity Protection Service has the power to keep the system secure from those problematic situations.

However, regardless of how effective it is in protecting the system, the aswbIDSagent tends to sap a large amount of the resources of the system. And this requires some serious treatment.

With this, now, let us proceed to discuss the way on how to remove the aswbIDSagent process from your Task Manager.

aswbIDSagent: What does it Stand for?

Earlier, we have already thrown light on it. But, here, we aim to be a little more precise.

aswbIDSagent is an abbreviation of Avast Software Identity Protection Service Agent A. So, this is where it gets its name from.

However, the extension .exe present in a file name signifies its identity as an executable file. They have a high potential to harm your system. Therefore, make sure to asses if it is a malware or just an element of the Windows Operating System.

How to Remove the aswbIDSagent Process from your Task Manager?

You can easily halt the activities of the aswbIDSagent with the underlying simple steps.

  • Firstly, launch the Avast user interface.
  • Then, head to the Settings which is present in the Avast window.
  • After that, proceed to click on the Components.
  • Next, click on Stop Permanently which is present under the Behavior Shield options.

These are the steps to eradicate it from the Task Manager entirely. But, if you just want to disable the aswbIDSagent only for a while, Avast also tends to offer that possibility as well.

You can choose the option to disable it for an hour or until the time you Restart the system.

Wrapping up

If you have gone through the entire article, you would have zero further questions about the aswbIDSagent process.

Furthermore, you’d have an in-depth idea about it. So, with this, you’d not just resolve the sudden slow-down of your system, but also know about the other aspects of the OS element.


In this way, you can implement the steps on how to remove the aswbIDSagent process from your Task Manager that we present.

Just a reminder yet again, it is extremely essential for users to know the prior essentials regarding the file. You must know what you are planning to remove to restore the earlier speed of your system.

However, doing so can make your system effectively distribute its resources to diverse other essential programs.