Homeware Trends to Look Out for in 2020


Your interior space at home is most likely an extension of your personality as your choice of homewares acts indicative of your preferences. It could also be a reflection of ongoing trends, which changes from time to time. If you are looking to update your home interior this year, below are some of the latest homeware trends that could help you with this task.

More Use of Natural Materials

Rattan and wicker are two of the most popular natural materials in the 70s when it comes to interior design. This year, natural materials like these are coming back in a big way. From chairs to benches to lampshades, you can expect more homewares to be made from natural materials. This is a welcome development for a more sustainable lifestyle, which is enjoying growing popularity itself.

Industrial-Style Luxury

Industrial architecture is another trend that is showing signs of resurgence, albeit with a slight update. This year’s version of industrial-style space comes with a touch of luxury, moving away from its previously rustic approach. This means infusing the backdrop of metals, concrete, or natural wood with design elements like x-frames, angled legs, and clean lines.

To make the space feel cozier, you can add artisan textiles, pottery, and velvet. Adding soft lighting, some greenery, and using furnishings with rounded shapes can make the space seem less like a warehouse and more like home.

Abstract Design

For those who are ready to move on from minimalism, this year is the best time to do it. Homewares with an eclectic mix of citrus hues and geometric patterns are gaining more traction. Furniture with abstract design in block colors and having metallic highlights would complement the space perfectly. All these design elements infuse abstract energy and retro colors, creating a playful vibe that is reminiscent of the expressionist era.

Countryside Style

Another ageless design style that went through an evolution and gained more popularity this year is the typical farmhouse look. This time around, sophisticated, European-style elements are infused to make it more relevant to current homeowners.

Classic prints and materials are made fresh by mixing patterns. New design elements are also integrated seamlessly with antique décor. Add some greenery against a backdrop of muted primary tones and you have your updated countryside-style space.

Natural and Luxurious

Building further on the growing popularity of a more sustainable lifestyle, designers are coming up with more ways to make natural materials palatable to a wider range of tastes. This effort has given rise to a perfect blend of natural and luxurious. Think marble accents like candle holders, vases, and bowls. Linen with finished edges and jewel tones also help create a more polished but natural look for the interior. Other natural materials that would go well with this theme are grasscloths, rustic wood, cane, and raffia.

Handmade Homewares

If you want a unique look for your interior that is not commonly seen on product catalogs, designing your home with handmade furnishings is a great option. It is a welcome departure from mass-made items that could make your home feel bland and bereft of character.

More and more, people are seeking products from companies and individuals who offer products with a unique story and point of view. Aside from giving your interior space a fresh look, these items are great conversation pieces when entertaining guests.