Great Things That You Need to Know About Credit Piggybacking

Credit card piggybacking is still an issue that most people do not understand. Even financial experts have not concluded whether it is a good habit or not. So, the topic is left open for people to make a decision after weighing the pros against the possible cons.

For those who do not understand piggybacking, it is a process where someone with a low credit score gets authorization to use the credit history of someone with a higher score. They get added as authorized users and get to enjoy the good credit history of that account.

Traditionally, piggybacking was used by parents to give their kids a strong credit start as soon as they become adults. It is still used this way today, but this is not the main reason for writing this publication. Read on to learn more.

Why Piggybacking Works

By now, you already have a hint of how this concept works. As opposed to the traditional style where parents could piggyback their kids by adding them as an authorized user, people are now doing it for anyone including for the purposes of getting more users.

Surprisingly, there are many financial and credit websites that are willing to provide piggybacking services to people with a poor credit score. According to experts at, the price range depends on how high of a credit rating a certain account has.

Who Is Eligible to Piggyback?

  •         Students – If you are a student today, then there are high chances that you are broke even if you have an account with a credit bureau to avoid lowering your credit score or leaving it at a stagnating position. Students have always relied on this method from their parents and guardians to get a strong start or when they have been defaulting on student loan repayments or have bills to pay.
  •         People with low credit – Piggybacking can apply to anyone who can afford to buy the services from a person with a good account. As you look for someone to offer this service, the most important thing is to find a reputable seller with a high credit score.

Benefits of Piggybacking

Most of us who have heard about piggybacking can tell a few pros and cons according to what they have read. Today, we will just mention the common benefits you will get. Obviously, your credit score will drastically increase since the account you are using to do this has a good score already. The credit bureau takes a few days to affect this.

So, anyone with a credit score that is not appealing can look for service providers with these options. Assess their terms and conditions including what it will cost you before buying. If you compare well, you will be surprised that it is a simple process.


As we conclude, you should know that piggybacking has cons as well. For instance, the other person could mess you up should their credit score go down for some reason. But with good planning, it is hard to fail. Read the insights that we have shared above and apply them.