Google Ads: An Ad Tracker’s Gold Mine to Making Huge Money

Google always has a thing or two in its mind when it comes to quality content. That is proven by the fact that there are hundreds of websites and blogs that are generating lots of revenue, thanks to Google AdSense. Don’t you want to be one of the lucky members to earn big using this lucrative medium and emerge as a real winner? Anyone would like to grab this opportunity. But the question is how?

Advertisers acquire new clients or sales by making the most of the Adwords program. This is done thanks to ad trafficking techniques which have been discussed a lot by people across the internet. We are not going to waste your invaluable time in providing the same old repetitive things. Rather, we would like to throw light on how Google is giving you an opportunity to dig gold from black coal mines and reap the dividends of long-term revenue generation opportunity. One way to do that is by creating evergreen content.

In the following sections of this write-up, we have given a brief idea about how Google AdSense works and helps in making you earn money in the easiest of manner.

We promise once you have completed reading this piece of information, you will come out stronger as an Ad trafficker and make huge profits from this mechanism.

So, without any further discussion let us get started.

The Basics of Google AdSense

With the help of keyword research technique, Google serves ads that are relevant for specific content on your webpage. For example, if a person is looking for a web page that consists of the latest Indian Premier League (IPL) news, Google will serve ads pertaining to cricketing kits or cricketing uniforms on auction. If you own this website and an individual clicks on the ad you get paid for that. This is known as Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising in technical terms.

Some of the benefits of Google AdSense, include:

  1. Less intrusive ads which do not annoy people;
  2. Ads according to relevant content which creates more impact;
  3. Trustworthiness amongst people because of the association of Google brand;
  4. Generous and reliable payment model;
  5. Possibility of making your living through Google Ads.

The last point will make you wonder: What is the best way to make a living through Google Ads? The answer is with the right mixture of content, traffic, and users it is possible to make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

The Quandary of AdSense Income

The income does not start coming if you sit around and relax. Like any business, it requires an investment of time to get the maximum return. Let us now look at the working mechanism of Google AdSense.

Imagine: You have a blog site which has on an average 100,000 visitors on a monthly basis. If you calculate the numbers it is 1 million visitors on a yearly basis. How does it make you earn income? It is something like this. With 100,000 monthly visitors, you can get 100,000 ad impressions (views). The Click Through Rate (CTR) is 1% as an industry standard. So, 1% of 100,000 is equal to 1000. If the CPC of the ad is $0.01, you end up making $10. In case, the CPC of the ad is $1.00, you end up with $1,000.

How to Maximize your Income Using Google AdSense?

These are some of the simple tips that will help you to maximize your income using Google AdSense.

  1. Use SEO techniques while writing to get the most out of organic keyword placement in your content pieces.
  2. Write frequently. The more you write pertaining to a subject, the more keywords you can generate for Google to search and position its ads on.
  3. Write fresh content every single time to get the most of the Google AdSense program.
  4. Precise information is critical in this digital age. If you post garbage stuffed with keywords it will not give you the desired results.
  5. Find a niche and stick to it. Do not follow what others are doing. Create your own space and topic.
  6. Too much of bad traffic is not good for generating revenue through Google AdSense. People are not going to read the content if it is not for qualified audience.
  7. Employ Google analytics to make the most out of revenue generation opportunity.
  8. Always think of a new dimension and write creatively in such a way that readers get something new from your piece of content.

Addressing the Problem of Competitor Ads Displaying on Your Content Pieces

This is one of the biggest problems when you try to run ads on your website. Depending on the type of website you run, it is possible to see different ads being served that are in direct competition to your product or service offering. For example; if you have a website that is solely dedicated to drop shipping a specific product, ads from Disney Toys or snow globes can seriously distract your visitors which is not good for the business.

Google has provided a solution to this problem by providing an option to you to block content from a maximum of 200 different URLs. But, it becomes quite difficult to block an ad until you see it. But the worst part is, you may not be able to see them because it comes to a direct violation of the rules of employing AdSense.

One way to deal with this problem is by creating a list by searching Google for different kinds of products or services that your business caters into and take note of the top 50 different URLs that show up. This is one of the best tricks to block traffic from websites that are your direct competitors.

All in all, Google AdSense is a blessing in disguise for Ad traffickers but only if you avail the services from a professional outsourced ad trafficking partner. The next time you are planning to make the most of revenue generation opportunity for your online content check out this write-up and make your money making dreams come true!


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