Bed Base: Get to Know the Different Bed Bases for a Better Sleep

Bed Bases

A good night’s sleep is everyone’s dream. Pardon the pun. But sleep has become elusive to more than half of adult Australians. They suffer, at least one chronic sleep symptom. These symptoms can be: waking up many times through the night, difficulty in falling asleep, waking up during the night or very early and unable to sleep back, not feeling rested upon waking up, sleepiness and tiredness during the day, irritability, and lack of focus, resulting in errors and accidents.

Lifestyle changes can help improve slumber quality, such as avoiding caffeine, taking a hot bath before bedtime, reducing blue light at night, avoiding alcohol and over-exercise before sleep, and believe it or not, a good mattress over a complementary bed base. Yes, that’s true, and they go together like horse and carriage.

One cannot undermine the amazing benefits of investing in a good quality mattress. It contributes to health benefits like enhanced mood and mental health, relief from body aches and pains, ease from allergy, improved heart health, improved immunity, and controlled weight. And in case you buy a new one, just like any good investment, you have got to take care of it. You do not store your jewellery in candy jars, do you?

Here are your basic options in choosing the best bed base for your mattress:

  1. Box Springs

It is a rectangular wooden box with layers of springs and layers of fabrics for dust protection and airflow. Some models come in metal frames for a more rigid structure. This base complements an innerspring mattress since both springs align to give you shock-absorbing support.  It’s best suited for people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed because of bed height. Box springs base’s average height is 25 inches. This is the most popular and economical among all bed bases, but may not be suitable for other types of mattresses.

  1. Platform Base

Platform base is a low bed base with either a solid or slatted surface for mattress support. It lifts your mattress off the floor by 5 to 12 inches. They are highly popular among people wanting a sleek, modern and minimalist decorative look in their bedroom. Some bases come with wooden slats, placed 2 to 3 inches apart, to provide air circulation for the mattress. A solid wood platform may be best for long term use due to its relative durability. This bed base supports all types of mattresses except the innerspring mattress, which works best with box spring base.

  1. Adjustable Base

As the name implies, this bed base can be adjusted to raise the head or the foot of your bed or tilted for a better lying position. This feature gives you overall comfort and consequently improves health by relieving pressure points and inducing healthy circulation. It is highly associated with improving several health conditions like back and joint pain, acid reflux, inflammatory conditions, and even fluid retention. It comes with a remote control which helps you find the best position for comfort. It works complementary with memory foam and hybrid mattresses.

The bedroom is the most sacred place in your home. It is where you rest after a gruelling day. Hence, when it comes to apparatus related to this room, choose wisely and reap amazing benefits.