Effective Fix for Your Xbox One Software Problems at your Fingertips

Worried about Xbox One Software Problems? These problems hamper the entire time which you have allotted to gaming. You may have experienced the frustration of losing a huge amount of money because of disfunctioning of the Xbox One. The company also fixed a huge number of bugs since the release in 2013. However, there are many such problems which users experience along with the console. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with the entire guide pertaining to the suitable fixes for your Xbox One.

The Probable Causes Along With Their Solutions

Here we shall discuss the solutions to all the problems that you may encounter with Xbox One. But before let us learn the prominent causes of these errors.

1.Disc Drive Creating Grinding Sound

This is one of the common problems faced by many users according to the latest report. Moreover, it doesn’t hamper the disc. When you insert a disc inside the optical drive of the console, it creates a grinding noise. An error message pops up stating “Sorry we can’t play that disc. Always use an Xbox One game, music CD, or a movie on a Blu-ray or DVD”.

Effective Solution

Microsoft has dealt with this issue several times and also makes sure that owners are provided with the hardware. However, you can also repair this issue if you are used to working with optical drives.

  1. You will get a hardware replacement from the retailer. However, replacement is subject to stock limitation and may take a longer time to get dispatched. Microsoft will provide you with a new machine with the provision of online downloading of a game based on your choice. They can also refund you the purchase according to your wish.
  2. The replacement will be arranged from the company’s end. Moreover, in some cases, they will also ship a brand new console based on your choice.

2. XBOX Not Updating

During the Update-Phase recently we have received many complaints from the user. When the update failure occurs, Xbox can’t access most of the Xbox One Features.

Effective Solutions

There can be an issue with the Xbox One, internet connectivity, or something can happen from the Microsoft end.

Irrespective of this issue, the consequence is a system failure since it doesn’t function properly. Before contacting Microsoft, here are some of the few steps that you can follow

  • Make sure to have proper internet Security connectivity. This is beacuse connectivity issue can hamper the process.
  • If you are facing an issue while downloading updates, it can simply be an issue from Microsoft’s end. However, it can also happen because of too many users trying to update at a time or because of the maintenance of the servers.
  • Wait for an hour. If the issue still recurs, please go through the Microsoft’s Live Status Page. Microsoft will give a Status Alert whenever there is an issue from their side.
  • Check your hardware. Ensure there is a wired connection through the internet if you use Wireless Connection on the Xbox and encounter an error.
  • Hold the power button for some time maybe 5 or 6 seconds till it closes. After that, unplug the system and wait for almost 30 seconds. Then plug it again and turn on the switch. This helps in clearing the cache and then do a reset of the network card.
  • If you encounter a particular error message in terms of updates or network connection, go through the Microsoft Network Connection error list.

3. XBOX Won’t Power On

There is another common issue that users frequently receive is that the System Won’t Power On. Even if it is on, it automatically shuts down within a limited time. This may happen because of the console but mostly occurs due to the power brick.

Effective Fix

First of all simply ensure that there is a proper connection. Once it is done, ensure that your power brick is working fine. Every Xbox One power bricks possess light which implies that they are receiving electrical signals. Solid White or Solid Orange Light ensures power supply is working good. However, if there is no light, you have to replace it.

  1. Make sure that it is not the outlet where you have a connection. After that, plug something different or else make an attempt to plug-in the power supply into another outlet.
  2. If the power supply doesn’t receive current, then it must be a disputed one and requires immediate replacement. However, if you have a registered console, you can purchase a power supply.
  3. Also, it might happen that power supply is working but the Xbox is not powering up.
  4. Moreover, you might encounter an issue that controller is not powering on your console. Therefore, directly click on the power button. Also, syncing several issues can cause this error to recur.

4. XBOX Shut Down Unexpectedly

Some of the users reported that the XBOX One shuts down unexpectedly. There is an isolated problem that may arise from the system when it is not powering.

Effective Fix

Before moving to the Microsoft store and tell them about your console issue, follow the below steps to see if the issue can be fixed

  1. First of all, have a look at the ventilation of the system. If it gets overheated, you will receive a warning message before the system closes down. Turn off the console and also wait for one more hour. Please ensure that the XBOX One has adequate ventilation and then make another attempt.
  2. Ensure the light on the power brick. If you observe this flickering light, then it can be a power issue.
  3. Moreover, also ensure that your XBOX is turned off. Then move to the Settings. After that choose Power and Supply. Then select Turn Off Power Option. After that select Don’t Turn Off Automatically option.
  4. Make sure that the AC outlet has a proper plug-in function.

Sum It Up

We hope this article covers all the effective fixes pertaining to the XBOX Fix. We have provided all the measures in an effective manner which you can follow when you encounter the issues However, you can also refer TO the user manual for any kind of issues.

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